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  • Meet Dom De Vetta

    Meet Dom De Vetta

    Curious about the man behind Shay & Blue? Every perfume house has a conductor whose challenge it is to harmonise the cacophony of fragrance available. Often that harmony is shaped by experience, and for no one is that more true...

  • In our archives - Dom De Vetta on Starting Shay & Blue

    In our archives - Dom De Vetta on Starting Shay & Blue

    Dom speaks to Centurion Magazine about starting Shay & Blue in 2012.
  • All About Veganuary

    All About Veganuary

    If you haven't heard of Veganuary then you clearly don't have any social media! Veganuary is a month long challenge where you simply challenge yourself to eat vegan for the month. For lots of people after the month is over...

  • The Growth Of Vegan Beauty

    The Growth Of Vegan Beauty

    As you probably know by now January is Veganuary, a month where lots of people sign up and try to eat a vegan diet for a month. As a brand with entirely vegan products this is of course something we...

  • Our Most Underrated Scents

    Our Most Underrated Scents

    Calling a product underrated is of course not saying that is it nobody's favourite, these fragrances are simply some of our scents that we believe should be talked about more! Now of course every person has their preferences when it...

  • Introducing Tallulah's Camellia

    Introducing Tallulah's Camellia

    You probably know all about Tallulah's Camellia by now with Dom and Juliette discussing it on QVC and all of the wonderful bloggers we have worked with giving you all the goss. If, like me, you like to know even...

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