The Role of Unisex Fragrance

The Role of Unisex Fragrance

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Lets set the scene, imagine you’re in a room it’s pitch black and all sight has gone. All you can do now is rely on what you can feel, hear and smell. There are a few other people in the room. Who is who? Who knows? Who cares?

Who are you?

In this room people wouldn’t know if you are male or female, they wouldn’t know how you looked or how you have dressed, everyone in the room is safe. Everyone is equal. It is said that once you lose one of your senses the others are heightened, can you smell that? It’s your first impression so let’s make sure it lasts.

Do you want to be portrayed as basic, using the same perfumes as everybody else, or do you want to stand out? Be desirable to everyone from the first moment they sense you. Through your fragrance choices you can portray many emotions and you are able to create a lasting impression on someone. Let’s make sure that impression is a good one.

Scent is such a personal thing, you can change it as often or as little as you like so why be boring? Shay and Blue’s unisex fragrances allow you to break out of the old ‘his’ and ‘hers’ fragrances, its 2020 are we really still doing that? Experiment. Try different scents that you wouldn’t be able to find in the traditional chain brands (unless roses are your thing, I’m not judging you), ultimately through perfume you are able to embrace and display your own identity and set your mood for the occasion. So, who do you want to be today?

There are no rules to say that men can’t smell like white peaches and that women can’t  use fragrances with leather or spiced undertones, Even if there were these kind of rules, I think you should break them. Your fragrance is personal to you, be as daring or as comfortable as you want to be, spray it liberally or conserve every last drop. Change it up. 

Be rebellious, be flirty, be fun. Break the non-existent rule book.

Experiment with perfumes, mix smells. Choose one for the day and another for the night. Change your mind as you’re walking out the door if you feel like it. There are no rules when it comes to being you and no rules when it comes to using Shay and Blue.

We are constantly moving forward in everyday life, moving away from the sexualisation and the gender stereotypes that clothing and beauty products have had for many years – again its 2020 isn’t it? – You should feel empowered to smell however you like and gender free perfumes encourage you do that. Why should anyone else decide what you can or can’t like? Fragrance can be tied to many different emotions, it can take you back to a memory within an instant. It can start conversations and be a part of your most intimate moments or it can simply complete your getting ready process. 

Share your favourite scents with your friends, your family, random people you meet in bars or even on a dog walk. Keep it to yourself as the best kept secret or shout about Shay and Blue to the world. Make people remember you instantly when they walk into a room and smell your fragrance. Be memorable. 

Throw them in your purse, keep it on your bedside table, maybe even take it with you on your tinder date and give it to them to use, its unisex after all. Leave your mark.

With unisex fragrances you are able to move away from the general floral scents of women’s perfumes and the musky tones of men’s and combine them into your perfect scent. The lines are becoming more and more blurred within the beauty and fashion worlds with regards to gender specific items and the same can be done with fragrance. The ability to experiment regularly with something which is a part of your daily routine keeps things fresh, picking your scent for the day should be fun and exciting. As perfume is such a personal thing why should there be specific genders that can only enjoy one certain scent? If it smells good on them it’s going to smell great on you.

How your perfume wears and develops throughout the day is different for every person. From the hormonal balance of your skin to the areas of your body that you spray and how often you top it up. Fragrance is to be appreciated not just for the advertising or the shape of the bottle but for the scent itself.  Change the rules and make them your own.

You wouldn’t go out without brushing your teeth so why would you go out without your fragrance on?


What is it about a fragrance that strikes the senses as smelling traditionally more masculine or feminine? It's a question many brands are now asking. As the gender-neutral beauty and grooming product space continues to grow, one area we've dedicated our passion to is unisex fragrance. While perfume and cologne have been traditionally marketed into gendered categories (usually spicy, smoky cologne for men and softer, floral perfume for women), we have embraced a gender-neutral or even genderless stance when formulating our fragrances.




Shay & Blue Blood Oranges Fragrance 100ml

1. Blood Oranges 

Blood Oranges, a richly refreshing fragrance with fresh bursts of blood orange, underpinned with an opulent and sensual blend of musk, woods and passionate leather. Different, stylish, ideal for men or women.


  • Top Note - Fresh bursts of juicy blood orange
  • Heart Note - Balanced notes of sensual hot napa leather
  • Base Note - Sultry musk, charred woods and amber

Shay & Blue Amber Oud Ahad Fragrance Concentrée 100ml

2. Amber Oud Ahad

Amber Oud Ahad is a warm spicy amber with layers of rich intrigue. We blend elegant neroli with iris, rose, amber and a touch of oud. A captivating unisex fragrance full of sensual mystery.

  • Top Note - Royal neroli opens the composition with a honeyed, green top note.
  • Heart Note - Iris absolute and red rose in the heart for a floral richness.
  • Base Note - Labdanum amber and oud wood for a refined finish

Blackberry Woods Fragrance 100ml

3. Blackberry Woods

The essence of autumn. Blackberry Woods is a sensual, woodsy blend of berries, leaves and woods. Intense and enchanting like a forest walk at dusk.

  • Top Note - Blackberry for a mouth watering opening.
  • Heart Note - Neroli and lemon leaves for character in the heart.
  • Base Note - Softening cypress woods create a warming base.

Shay & Blue Oud Alif Fragrance Concentrée 100ml

4. Oud Alif

Oud Alif is creamy, soft, rounded woods, inspired by the great gourmand oud fragrances of the Middle East. The best oud agarwood from the rare aquilaria tree, spiked with the richness of chocolat noir and notes of elegant leather, saffron and dark patchouli.

  • Top Note - Fine Oud Agarwood
  • Heart Note - Chocolat noir and soft saffron 
  • Base Note - Napa leather and dark patchouli 

Shay & Blue Blueberry Musk Fragrance 100ml

5. Blueberry Musk

Blueberry Musk, the secret of sensual musk tousled with blueberry. With orange blossom, magnolia and cashmere woods to enchant and entice. Refreshing yet rich layers of fruit, musk and woods.


  • Top Note - Blueberry and orange zest for a sparkling top note.
  • Heart Note - Orange blossom and magnolia bring creamy warmth.
  • Base Note - White musk and cashmere woods for a refined finish.








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