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How Does Dance Benefit Your Mental Health?

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How Does Dance Benefit Your Mental Health?

It's widely known that dance is a great form of exercise for people of any age. Whether you're a recreational or professional dancer, keeping moving is fantastic for your physical health.

The Science Behind Our Minds and Dance

Whether you're up on the dance floor at a nightclub or in a dance class, your body releases endorphins and dopamine when you're exercising. Endorphins, which help fight feelings of depression, and dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with reward and pleasure, all contribute to that positive feeling you get after you've been dancing. 

So What Does Dancing Improve?

- Improves your mood

- Helps with self - esteem

- Improves your attitude 

- Eases symptoms of depression and anxiety 

- Protect your memory 

 The Role Of Endorphins

When you dance your body releases endorphins. This is a chemical that triggers positive energy and good vibes! It helps improve our emotional state and reduce our perception of pain. So basically, dancing is your cure for happiness!

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