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By Shy Hossieni

Transitioning Into Autumn Scents

Fragrance to Transition into Autumn with

With autumn in the air, the smell of pumpkin spice, toasted marshmallows and crackling wood is fast approaching. If you’re ready to start transitioning to the warmth of autumn, here are some fragrance ideas for you.



Looking for something that’s dark and sensual, Blackberry woods is the perfect match for you. Glossy berry juice with punk-sharp citrus is a rebel fragrance with heart and mind. This will evoke the sensation of camping in the woods next to a warm toasty fire in the evening while berry picking in the morning. This will be the perfect transitional scent for those dipping their toes into the autumn season.



Want to keep the sweetness but have the depth and warmth? Melrose apple blossom is spiked with moreish salted toffee apple, sharp lemon bamboo and cool chilled amber. A fun and frivolous fragrance perfect for those spooky season celebrations and cold autumn evenings. Why not treat yourself to a delicious toffee apple.



The spiced trio is the perfect gift for your loved ones or for a spicy treat for yourself. A trio of exotic, unique scents that stand out from the crowd. Discover Black Tulip, Salt Caramel and Oud Alif, harmonious blends of rich spices, rare florals, and deep resinous woods. Each scent fills a room with delicious aromas on their own while working harmoniously together for a personalised blend by being layered.


Black tulip is as Decadent as is deadly. Oriental plum flirts with creamy white chocolate and wood. This is the perfect day to night fragrance.


Oud alif is the finest oud agarwood spiked with chocolate noir, saffron and dark patchouli. A sensual and confident extract of parfum. It is Smokey, hypnotic and impossible to ignore which will fill any room you enter.



Enjoy something that smells so good you want to eat it? Salt caramel is the perfect gourmand scent that we all need this autumn season. Caribbean Tonka bean and soft sandalwood melt into deliciously frothy sea salt. A deeply comforting fragrance for those cosey nights, like a cuddle in a bottle. This gourmand scent has multiple layers giving your senses a feast all day while releasing warm sensations and sweetness.



The Sovereign trio is a trio representing power and authority, with dominant woody and spicy notes that demand attention. Featuring Kings Wood, Oud Alif and Dandelion Fig.


Kings wood Unexpectedly slaps fresh pineapple with the natural aroma of fern leaves. Backed with fine leather and English oak. A confident fragrance which is unisex and characterful which Is the perfect autumn aroma.


Dandelion fig is surprisingly fresh, green and modern with soft layers of fig and dandelion leaf blended with lemongrass, tomato vine and juniper. This is perfect for those who wants a spring in their step while snuggling in the warm autumn air.



We are all looking for new experiences this season so why not create the ultimate sense of mystery this fall by pairing fine leather notes with wonderfully spicy saffron and spiked chocolate noir for an endlessly satisfying combination of personalised fragrances.


Whether you are looking for a scent that smells so good you can eat it or something more sensual and relaxing. Here at shay and Blue we have a scent for EVERYONE this autumn.



Written by Beckii Jane