How To Avoid Too Much Fragrance

How To Avoid Too Much Fragrance

It's satisfying to find—and wear—your signature scent, but it doesn't necessarily have to enter the room before you do.

To avoid OD'ing on your fragrance, we are going to give you some tips for when it comes to spritzing on your perfume.

Nowadays fragrances are very different to the ones made back in the 80s or 90s with newer technology and the knowledge developed over time perfumers have learnt the bast way to manufacture the fragrance so you get compliments not complaints. The main change is in the diffusion of the scent, learning what strengths are best as well as what notes last longer than others, while also testing the fragrances on different people to see how differently they wear. 

However, the process isnt all down to the developer. If you have a literal fragrance shower and drench every inch of your skin you will certainly have a scent bubble surrounding you. 



Typically you can get away with about five sprays anywhere that you like on your body. But any more than that and you're entering the eau no zone. If you are worried about how this will effect the longevity of your fragrance check out this blog post for tips on how to make your scent go further. 

That said, since it's subtly-scented skin we're after, we suggest finding one or two spots on your body and choosing to spray your fragrance there twice. Areas like your pulse points (i.e., your wrist, your neck, etc.) are the best places to spritz, since the warmth of these spots will heat up and recharge your fragrance, emiting its scent. 


How many spritzes do you typically spray of your perfume?

Scents are powerful – they can attract, repel, trigger emotions, and create memories. Also don't forget that just because you spray more doesn't mean it will last longer. For a longer lasting scent it is best to take the fragrance on the go with you. We recommend purchasing your fragrances in multiple sizes. This will allow you to have more freedom on the go! Pop a 10ml or 30ml in your bag and keep your 100ml where you get ready for the day. This way it will always be to hand when you need it most!


Your Signature Scent

Have you ever been in a situation where someone has walked past you and instantly you remember a specific person or a certain memory? Most of us have. The scent you wear not only impacts you but the others around you too. I know for one that I have a specific holiday scent, whenever I wear that particular fragrance both myself and my friends are transported back to our villa - sadly without the cocktails. I have fragrances from when I was in my late teens that take me back to a specific boyfriend or concert I went to. Fragrance is more powerful than you might think.



Perfume follows you; it chases you and lingers behind you.  It's a reference mark.  Perfume makes silence talk.

~ Sonia Rykiel


Finding the perfect scent for you may take a bit of work. 

And it is more than okay to have multiple different go to scents, we encourage this! Don't be afraid to play around with fragrances and layer them. You will also find that some fragrances don't smell the same on you as they do on your best friend. Depending on your body chemistry, a popular scent may or may not smell pleasant when you wear it.

Keep an open mind when shopping for a fragrance. 

Remember, you’re searching for your signature scent – the one that smells uniquely and wonderfully you.  Therefore, you likely will not be choosing the fragrance that is the current best seller.

Try a variety of samples.  

Place the scent on the pulse point on your wrist (the warmest spot on your wrist).  The warmth activates the various notes in the fragrance.  After about five minutes, smell your wrist and assess the scent.  It may be quite different than what you smelled before putting it on.  As the fragrance dries down and mixes with your body different notes will become more apparent and others will fade. 



How Much is Too Much Perfume?

If people walk into the room where you applied your fragrance and they are coughing - take that as a hint. 

Ask a trusted friend about your fragrance.  Remembering that everyone doesn’t have the same attraction to certain scents, instead of asking if they like your fragrance, ask if it’s pleasant on you. Ask if they think you need to put more on! Remember its easier to add more, you can't take it away once you have sprayed. While it is ultimately up to you and you aren't wearing perfume for anyone but your self you don't want to overkill it. It also means your fragrance will last longer, one less spray every time means lots more sprays in the fututre!

Historically and currently, perfumes have been used to mask perspiration and body smells.  Masking is also used when smoking, drinking, visiting bars or places with characteristic odors that cling to your clothes.

Even though perfumes have the capability to mask odors immediately, applying it heavily can create a toxic combination of scents that can interact in an extremely unbearable way.

Bottom line: if you’re trying to mask a smell with perfume, don’t bother.  It will only be obvious and/or make you smell even worse.  The best option is a bath or shower.

Your Perfect Scent Application

Once you’ve chosen your signature scent, learn to apply it so that it balances perfectly for you. Do you want to apply it simply to your skin or do you want it in your hair too? Spraying on clothing or in your hair means your fragrance has less oils to react to and will probably last a bit longer. It also means whenever there is a slight gust of wind that your fragrance will gently be blown to everyone around you. 


More Fragrant Tips

  • Be careful if you apply your fragrance in public.  Someone nearby could be allergic, or simply offended by the scent. You also don't want someone to be walking beind you and to inhale your fragrance. I'm not sure that would be a pleasant experience!
  • Never use outdated perfume.  Smell the fragrance before applying it all over, check expiration dates or make a note of when you purchased it. Expired perfumes are not pleasant!
  • If your workplace forbids wearing fragrances, respect the rule.  There is likely a good reason it was put in place.
  • If you purchase a “set” of your fragrance – perfume, bath gel, body lotion, etc. – avoid wearing all of the products at one time.  Layering your fragrance can make it much stronger than you realize.


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