Couples Who Share Scent - Calum and Becca

Couples Who Share Scent - Calum and Becca

At Shay & Blue we make fragrances for all genders. The old rules about who can wear which perfume are O-V-E-R. We say if you love it then wear it. Experiment, enjoy and share if that's your thing. Sharing your scent with your partner, whether they're the same or another gender to you, can be fun and bonding.

Calum and Becca both like their own fragrances but also love to share a few scents with each other. We asked them a few questions about what scents they love to share. Take a look at what they had to say…


So what's your story

We actually met at university, just randomly on a night out and we’ve pretty much been inseparable since. Four years later and we have both graduated, have our own careers and are living together with our two beautiful dogs!


How did you get into sharing your fragrance?

B: We’re both into fragrance, probably me more than Calum but from spending Christmas together and birthdays both of our collections have grown. It ended up that I was buying Calum fragrances that I actually wanted to try myself but wouldn’t purchase as they were targeted at men. It took me a while but I realised that isn’t actually relevant and if I like a smell I can wear it too.

C: She also got caught walking past me when I was popping on my cologne before going out, back in the good old days! And went to work smelling like me but got loads of compliments. She kind of took the bottle from then on and I’ve been lucky to steal it back a few times!


What are your favourite fragrances from Shay and Blue and why?

B: Some of my favourites are Kings Wood and Blood Oranges, I steal them both from Calum but I also like the more feminine fragrances like White Peaches and Blackberry Woods. White Peaches makes me think of holidays because that’s my core summer scent and Blackberry woods is just yummy.

C: I’d have to agree. Blood Oranges and Kings Wood are definitely up there for me but I also like Salt Caramel especially for the colder months and I’ve recently discovered Amber Oud Ahad too. It’s quickly becoming one of my favourites! I like Blackberry Woods on Becca but not on myself.


How does the same scent smell on each of you?

B: On me I think Blood Orange is a bit more orange whereas on Calum The leather and musky notes come through a bit more. Kings wood smells pretty much the same on both of us, I think it lasts a bit longer on my skin but not too much of a difference if I’m honest! Calum tried Blackberry Woods but I think it was too fruity for him, he prefers a deeper scent.

C: Yes, I love Blackberry Woods on Becca but not on me. I’m not sure why it’s just not my typical fragrance I guess! I think it’s good to have our own fragrances too though, we would be constantly running out if we were both wearing the same thing all the time! Like Becca said, the leathery notes seem to come out more on me than on her. I enjoy the way it smells on both of us though.


Why do you enjoy wearing fragrance?

C: I think it just completes me getting ready. I use different fragrances for different moods or events – if we’re going round to my mum’s I will wear Amber Oud Ahad as I know she loves the smell of it, she actually had he fragrance first! Scents like Salt Caramel though I tend to put on in the evening after a shower or yeah, mostly keep it for when it’s cold, it improves my mood!

B: I’m pretty similar, I’ll spray perfume on when I’m getting ready in the morning because it completes my routine. I think your personality changes a bit sometimes when you apply fragrance. You walk into a room and not only can people see you look great but they can smell how great you smell too! I also like the compliments, is that weird to say?


Who hogs the bottle?

B: I’ll be honest, for the ones we share it’s definitely me! He had them first though so I feel like I can make up for lost time! 

C: Yes, it’s definitely Becca But we do both get our fair share of use!


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