What's your Wedding scent?

What's your Wedding scent?

Wedding season is upon us, right now there is not an inbox short of an invite or an instagram feed that isn’t saturated with pics of blushing brides, beaming on their big day. And whether you’re a guest or a bride this summer, on such an important and memorable day all anyone wants is for things to be just so, from the flowers to the dress to the perfume.

Scent has the power to evoke strong memories, making it all the more important to carefully choose a perfume to wear on the big day. Chances are, whenever you catch a whiff of the fragrance thereafter, you'll be brought back to that moment, be it your wedding or that of someone special to you, and all the celebratory moments you shared with family, and friends. But just how do you go about choosing a perfume? Simple. Just base your pick on your style.

Whether you went with a classic A-line, statement suit or a floaty bohemian sheath, your personal style has probably already helped you choose your outfit. Similarly, it's always best to select your scent with your individual tastes in mind so aligning your perfume with your personality is the way to go. Boho babe? Opt for a fragrance with gorgeous woodsy notes. Classic and refined? Choose a scent that features fresh florals.

No matter your particular tastes, we found the fragrance for you. Here, the best wedding day perfumes for every style.


If you’ve gone for a statement suit or a bold stand out dress then opt for notes of citrus and fresh fruity fragrances. You may also dabble in bright florals to compliment the high energy of your look. The citrusy bursts from Blood Orange or Scarlet Lily's kick ass floral tones would compliment a Modern look perfectly.


Oud, vetiver, bergamot, and a little citrus zest are key in selecting the perfect bohemian fragrance. So if floaty earth tones is your vibe when it comes to the look then you should lean towards these notes. Oud Alif with its smokey undertones or Atropa Belladonnas mesmerising patchouli notes are the ideal Boho fragrance match.



“This girl has one foot on each side—sexy and sensual, and balanced and clean,” Sniff out a scent that feature vanilla and rose. With elegant lace gowns in sultry shades these fragrance notes are a perfect match so try the classic Amber Rose.


Although all our fragrances are created for everyone, If a sleek suit and flats is your go-to wedding season style then there are some notes you may find more favourable when matching your look. Musk and wood create confident scents that are both unisex and characterful so try Kings Wood for your perfect match.

Photo by Danie Franco on Unsplash

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