To The Mums Who Made It All Possible This Year

To The Mums Who Made It All Possible This Year

This past year has been an extreme rollercoaster ride, giving the term motherhood an entire new meaning. But how could we have known this would actually happen to us? A global pandemic? That used to sound so last century. Now it’s our today, our here and now, and most possibly our tomorrow as well.

This post is for the mums who survived this unbelievably painful year. We’ve decided we want to use this Mother’s Day and turn it into an occasion to say “thank you”; a shoutout to all the fierce mummas out there who have made the impossible possible: You’ve raised your children during a pandemic.

This goes out to all mums. To the dads, the nans and aunts who had to fill in for the mothers we lost. To the superheroes who have made it through so far and kept being strong (and not strong, because we are human and we deserve to cry): We see you!

The mums-to-be, having to carry a belly AND a mask, making it so much harder to breathe, so much harder to not get sick. The mums who had to go into labor and give birth with no support person holding their hand because nobody was allowed in the hospital. To the mums who lost their child because of COVID. We see you.

To the new mothers who’ve been enduring unspeakable pain because they didn’t know how to breastfeed and there had been no chance of getting a lactation consultant to help. The ones in postpartum who have been feeling even more isolated, trying to adjust to their new lives as parents without anyone being there to help nor visit, leaving them feel even more lonely, isolated and depressed.

To the mummas of two or more who’ve been crossing their limit of exhaustion multiple times when switching between working from home, homeschooling, changing diapers, trying to get that laundry done and cooking 3 meals a day (plus snacks). And the mums who are already grandmamas, possibly not being able to see their children and grandchildren, feeling lonely and left out.

Yes, we see you all and we just want to remind you that you’re doing an incredible job! You are badass role models for making it through the hard times. How do you know that’s actually true? With every smile that your little one gives you. Every minute you spend laying with your sleeping baby, hear their babbles. Every moment that brings you those happy tears; the moments you know you just have to fully soak in because time is passing too quick.

Whether it’s becoming a mother, being a mother, becoming a grandmother: It’s an incredible transformative process into a person who gives their everything for someone else. It’s true love that is simply untouchable.

Mummas, and mother figures we see you. And we just want to say: You are strong, loved, courageous, fearless, inspiring and 100% capable.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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