Have You Left A Review For Shay and Blue?

Have You Left A Review For Shay and Blue?

With online being so easily accessible and stores literally being closed for the past few months its unsurprising that online has become the most popular way to shop for almost everything nowadays. From purchasing clothing to booking cosmetic procedures and everything in between, it is rare that you make a purchase without reading some kind of review. The reviews could be on the brand as a whole or maybe just on a specific product. With Influencers having platforms simply to review products and customers looking for confirmation a product is good, it isn't a shock that 90% of shoppers are said to have read at least one online review before deciding to visit a business. No matter whether this was online or physically. 



Have you ever looked at a businesses website and thought something just looked a bit dodgy to you? Maybe that is because they aren't a legitimate business! With reviews from verified customers that include information such as dates and names you can have more faith that what you are ordering will actually make it to you. If you go onto a website and all you see is bad reviews would you purchse a product? No! Through reviews you are able to comment on any part of the business from how it was packaged, how long it took to arrive and in our case the way the scents have made you feel like the review below. 


Reviews aren't simply used to say "wow this is great, I love it" although your kind words are appreciated. They are also a way for you, the customer, to give genuine feedback to a brand on anything you would like to see changed. Now some things are out of our control but suggestions such as "I would love a glass bottle instead of plastic" are comments that we can really take on board as a brand and we will take into consideration when making new products or refereshing the old ones! 

Reviews left about product sizes or packaging are frequently taken on board and what you may think would be a great idea could very well become a reality si,ply because you chose to leave us a review.  


You can't smell through a screen!

While all of our products have a description as well as information on the notes it is almost impossible to describe what you will smell once you recieve the fragrance. Due to your skin chemistry as well as everyday things such as the weather and simply just how you smell fragrances it will always smell slightly different to every person. With reviews people are able to say "I really got the strong chocolate note" or "the orange at the beginning is really refreshing!". This will help you and other customers when it comes to decision making. Hearing from others that they thought it would be too sweet and that it is infact a lot less sickley than imagined can really help you when choosing which products you would like to buy. 


Spread the love

At the end of the day it is great for us to know that our hard work is paying off and that you are loving the brand as much as we are. Kind words go a long way and so if you love something let us know! 


Leave your review

If you would like to leave us a review there are many different places you can do this. 

If you bought your item directly through our website you can either review via trust pilot or through our website itself. Simply go onto the item you purchased and click 'reviews' and then 'write a review'. This will then leave your comments on the exact product you purchased. 

Alternatively, if you purchased through one of our stockists such as QVC you can leave a review on their page too! 


To read our reviews and to add your own on Trust Pilot click here!


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