This week we celebrate Mother’s Day. A day to say thank you and give back to all the mother figures in our lives. Not just the women that gave birth to us, but the step mums, the foster mums, the aunties, the people who have stepped in for Mothers we’ve lost, the dads that play both roles and everyone in between. The superhero Mummas, that work tirelessly, care endlessly and support us through thick and thin.

There’s no 'one size fits all' mould for Mums so we’ve broken down just a few of the mums we all know and love and found the scents to compliment them perfectly.

The Bohemian Mum – With a carefree spirit and a tendency for wanderlust. This hippy mum will probably be found at yoga or in the garden enjoying nature. She is perfectly complimented by Atropa Belladonna, the trippy and mesmerising scent with layers of depth from patchouli and vanilla.

atropa belladonna 100ml

The Feisty Mum – Most likely a fire sign, this feisty mumma is not to be messed with. She has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to express them, we love how passionate and strong willed this Mumma is. With a spice to match hers, Black Tulip is decadent and deadly, one to stand out from the crowd, with oriental plum, creamy white chocolate and wood set off by sensual tones of fresh cyclamen

The Mum on the go – You know the type...she never stops. Always doing 5 tasks at once and smashing every single one. This wonder woman is a whirlwind to be around and never hesitates to say yes if you need help no matter how busy she is. The perfect fragrance for our busy mum is Tallulahs Camelia, specifically a 10ml size so that she can fit it in her handbag and spray on-the-go. It's rebellious and spirited just like her.

The Young Mum – Eternally young at heart with a real zest for life, we’ve paired this mum with the fruity and playful Clementine to reflect her bright and breezy outlook on life. A fascinating citrus floral with fresh bursts of Clementine that flirt with the uplifting bitterness of petitgrain

The Nurturing Mum – Always there for a hug and a kind word, the nurturing mum makes you feel calm and comforted. She’s a shoulder to cry on and a wise word when needed. A classic fragrance like Amber Rose suits this mum perfectly, floral and romantic it blends white amber with sweet creamy notes that make you feel relaxed and at home.

The Extravagant Mum – She loves the finer things in life. With a designer handbag over her arm and the perfect red lip this lady exudes confidence and elegance, and that’s where Blacks Club Leather comes in. A decadent fragrance, rich with the scent of English leather, firewood and a smooth brandy it is inspired by Blacks Club of Soho, London.

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

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