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To create real fragrances, it takes real ingredients.

To create modern scents, those with a true difference, it takes integrity, imagination and unbridled passion. Always so that we can help you feel true to you, whatever your age, gender, style and swagger. 

Real fragrance with integrity & imagination. Keeping you true to your-unique-self.

For us, it’s about recognising your mood, many moments and your absolute uniqueness.

Every time.

Shay & Blue - Founded in 2012 by Dom De Vetta and Perfumer Julie Massé



We are Creators of real fragrance, liberated from the constraints of others who celebrate and champion you to be you.

We create infinite possibilities for you to be you. We help you to evoke your mood.

We encourage experimentation.

to get it on.
to get you on.
you to do.


By hand. With real flowers fruit and spices. In today’s world perfume’s artisan past has been forgotten. Perfume brands are licenced to giant manufacturers who favour cheap chemicals, fat margins and excess profits.

Single minded in every fragrance, we use real ingredients to craft modern scents with heart and humanity.

Carefully hand selected and produced to the highest standards of animal and planet welfare with creativity and transparency cultivated through our independent company.

At S&B we are reviving the forgotten ways of doing things, reviving the artisan perfumery methods of old to be new again: putting craft, ingredients and people at the centre of our practice.



Our scents are for all genders. There are no outsiders at S&B, all are welcome, always. We support everyone’s right to express themselves fully – all profits from our fragrance Mermaid Kisses go to www.mermaids.org.uk supporting people dealing with gender diversity.


  1. Ingredient Search. We source the highest quality sustainable materials and import them from our suppliers in Grasse in the South of France, still home to the best fragrance ingredient know-how in the world. Dom and Julie visit every year to grade the harvest - hand-picked May rose, jasmine in August - and perform batch quality checks.
  2. Oil Extraction. We extract fragrance oil concentrates from the raw materials with a range of traditional methods – extraction, distillation or cold-pressing.
  3. Eau De Parfum Blending. The oils are taken to our artisanal workshop in East London where Rosaline and Raza hand-blend them in small batches of Eau De Parfum concentrate.
  4. Two Stage Ageing. After mixing, first our maturation process means the Eau De Parfum blend is barrelled and left to sit, and second maceration means the oil is mixed with alcohol and distilled water and left to sit again. Maturation and ageing vary batch to batch, generally taking over a month for full depth and richness.
  5. Filtration and Bottling. Remaining plant particles from the naturals in the oils are filtered from the perfume blend, and our smoky blue bottles are filled on site. Each bottle is individually marked with a small-batch number for full traceability.
  6. Controlled Storage. The bottles are stored in our facility on England’s South coast in Dorset county under tightly controlled light and temperature conditions to ensure consistency across the batch, overseen by Jackie and Tim.