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Suffolk Lavender Fragrance 100ml

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Suffolk Lavender Fragrance 100ml

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Suffolk Lavender is a deep and darkly intense lavender with deliciously smoky incense, a sensual cluster of spices and a touch of melon. Warmly spicy and aromatic, like a hot summer's night.

  • Top Note - The well-known spicy and aromatic warmth of lavender tones.
  • Heart Note - An explosive cluster of smoky incense and spices wrapped in a mouth-watering touch of melon.
  • Base Note - Hours later in the fragrance's depths, a hot summer's night, praline, tousled musk and restless pine wood.
  • In a rich, long-lasting Eau De Parfum concentration.
  • Beautifully wrapped in a gift presentation box with striped grosgrain ribbon.

Handcrafted in England with real flowers, fruits and spices. This perfume contains over three pounds of real lavender. Suffolk Lavender was created in 2012 by Julie Massé, Perfumer, and Dom De Vetta, Founder. We do not test on animals. Find us on the PETA list of cruelty-free companies.



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Magic, mystery and faery realms
I have tried 5 Shay and Blue fragrances and love them all equally - each one is unique and uplifting and transports you to another place (Suffolk lavender takes me off to the faery realms where mystery, magic and dusky woodlands reside! Dom and Julie - did you know you'd created these portals?) . The lavender element seems remastered and made modern (I think this is what Shay and Blue are so good at - their fragrances all seem to have a certain clever twist). But there's more! As someone who has sensitive skin, I find that Shay and Blue perfumes do not bring me out in a fiery rash, as other (well known, expensive) names do, because of synthetic chemicals. Please, Shay and Blue, never deviate from using natural ingredients, which make your range so wonderful!
Review by Ibby / (Posted on 18/11/2017)
Let Suffolk Lavender go on for ever.....
It is lavender but not as you think you know it! I love this perfume - I was given my first bottle by my daughter when it was initially introduced. She debated about whether to get me something with lavender because of its old fashioned image but was seduced by the fabulous scent. I in turn was seduced and continue to be in its thrall. The depth and slightly bittersweet scent gets me everytime. Its the scent that most people comment on and ask what it is. Many have not heard of Shay and Blue but I hope I have done by bit to spread the word. I have tried other scents in their range but always come back to Suffolk Lavender. I am now on the sixth bottle and have introudced it to some of my friends but not to too many as I want it to be MY signature scent. My one request to
Shay and Blue is - please never discontinue it.
Review by Annie May / (Posted on 03/11/2017)
Ye olde apothecarys dream in a bottle.
This scent intrigues me. I adore it for it's uniqueness. So Aromatic!

It reminds me of a herbalists. I FIRST get a hit of camphor, reminding me of fat cotton bags stuffed with lavender; then rosemary and thyme, reminiscent of the old pears soap.

When it dies down i get boiled treacle sweets & toffees sold in tins at the counter, the lavender remains; followed by warm spices at the counter of liquorice sticks in a jar.

Later, I get spiced pot-pourri heaped in wicker baskets by the window. There's pine cones, scented candles and black forest pine bath crystals, mingling with a little curry from the condiments display, wafting behind me.

Theres something about this fragrance when it dries down, that struck a cord with me. I'm left with powdery creamy wood shavings, mixed with a lavender paste.

It lasts very well on me, and really rich. I love it; very unusual, love it as a candle or pot-pourri oil. An apothecarys dream in a bottle. Unisex and dark... But there must be a reason why its not in the brochure anymore -sadly.
Smells Divine
The most gorgeous autumn and winter perfume, a little goes a long way.
This is the only fragrance which I own that compels passers-by and complete strangers to stop me to ask what it is. You have to be a certain age to carry off Suffolk Lavender but it's certainly not a traditional scent. Please never discontinue it
Review by CCL / (Posted on 15/09/2017)
Lavender with ATTITUDE
I looked at this several times before buying it... I love Lavender and use essential oils all the time, and I grow Lavender in my garden...however, it does have an "old lady" image when it comes to Perfume,and being 64 and I suppose officially old lady , I wanted to avoid smelling like one !!! I am not a traditional 64 year old, I have tattoos and Vivienne Westwood bags and jewellery...I wear Alexander McQueen scarves and avoid beige at all costs...so, as the incense part of the perfume intrigued me I took the plunge and ordered, so glad I did! This is Lavender with depth, it is rich and warm,summer days and breezy nights, this is Lavender with a darkness hidden ...this is Lavender with ATTITUDE...a lot like me then lol
Review by Sam / (Posted on 03/08/2017)
I thought that getting this fragrance was a sign of my age - I'm 41 years - but I'm glad to say this fragrance is a pleasure to have, in a nice, crazy sexy cool way.
There's no mistaking the lavender but you can also smell vanilla-ese in this wonderful and exciting combination.
I can assure anyone, you will regret not getting this fragrance.
Along with the Scillian Limes, this is one fragrance I will be getting again.
Review by Laura Jane "L.Jane" / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
Gorgeous scent!!!
If you think you aren't a lavender person then dont be put off this wonderful scent! It is as far away from what you think it should be as you can get. It's wonderfully woody and musky and has fab high and low notes. Can't recommend it enough. Can't wait to try the other ones in the range! Love you Shay and Blue!
Review by C. Hart / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
England meets the Med
I tried this in the London HQ shop. I loved it. Despite "Suffolk" in the name it reminded me of smells of the Med esp Southern Italy. And then last week I was on the Amalfi coast. There wearing this petfume reminded me of the English countryside. Conclussion. For me this is summer - especially in the late evening - in a bottle. For me it evokes fresh herbs overlaying more deeper, warm summer counrtyside smells and somewhere in there there is he sea too. Hence the smells of Southern Italy.
Review by Sustainablejohn / (Posted on 16/09/2015)