Sicilian Limes Natural Spray Fragrance Sample 2ml

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Sicilian Limes, a bold and sharply tangy fragrance, with a full-liquor hit of a salt margarita, a rush of salt limes, rosemary and masculine moss. A uniquely robust fragrance.

  • Top Note - Rare limes, a sensation of rock sea salt and citrus cocktails that is unapologetically full.
  • Heart Note - The Sicilian drama continues in the heart of the fragrance with a Mediterranean hit of rosemary.
  • Base Note - A solid base of masculine moss and cedar woods draws out the late-stage resonances of warm summer air.

Handcrafted in England. Made With Real Flowers, Fruit And Spices. We do not test on animals. 


Denatured ethyl alcohol

Fragrance, Eau De Parfum concentration including 1% or more of the following:

Limonene Scent: citrus Botanical
Linalool Scent: light woody spice Naturally derived
Citral Scent: lime, lemon Botanical lime
Benzyl Alcohol Scent: fruit Naturally derived
Coumarin Scent: oak moss Naturally derived
Citronellol Scent: citrus Naturally derived
Geraniol Scent: citrus Naturally derived

Vegan Cruelty free certified by PETA No parabens, phthalates or dyes
Sustainably sourced Packaged with recycled materials.

We never use

Parabens, phthalates, dyes, nitro musks. Check out our ingredients list.


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