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Black Tulip, Natural Spray Fragrance, Sample Tester 2ml

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Black Tulip, Natural Spray Fragrance, Sample Tester 2ml

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'A cult classic in the making.'
Grazia UK Beauty Director, Joely Walker

Make a signature floral statement. Snowdrops and cyclamen lend a note of floral freshness that opens into velvety black tulips and plum. The creamy vanilla warmth of white chocolate and soft woods leave an elegant impression.

  • Top Note - Snowdrops and cyclamen bring instant floral freshness.
  • Heart Note - Black tulip and plum bring a rounded richness to the heart of the composition.
  • Base Note - White chocolate and soft woods for a smooth finish.

Handcrafted in England with real flowers, fruit and spices. Black Tulip was created in 2016 by Julie Massé, Perfumer, and Dom De Vetta, Founder. We do not test on animals. Find us on the PETA list of cruelty-free companies.



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Beautiful fragrance I love it
Review by Nyasha Kay / (Posted on 20/08/2019)
Absolutely beautiful fragrance, it’s very distinctive and sexy. I love it am so glad I bought it. I feel amazing wearing it. Thank you
Review by Ria / (Posted on 17/08/2019)
First time I tried this scent . It's not for me glad I bought 2ml to try though.
Review by Angelina / (Posted on 24/07/2019)
I wouldn`t buy it.
I have to write this. I have 5 Shay and Blue. I heard the hype. I love the ones I have. I was very non plussed by this. I would`t buy it. Sorry.
Review by PaulaB / (Posted on 04/06/2019)
Great perfume
Beautiful fragrance, strong and sweet and lasting
Review by JR / (Posted on 02/05/2019)
I love this perfume and it lasts almost all day. Would highly recommend you buy a bottle
Review by Walker & Walker Dressmaker / (Posted on 20/02/2019)
Good Holiday Size
I bought this as a holiday size perfume to go along with a full size one as a birthday gift so am quite pleased with it.
Review by Jakeyb29 / (Posted on 21/01/2019)
A bit too sweet?
I found this to be a bit too sweet on my skin, but I can definitely see why people love this. It’s very unique and classy. Not quite what I was looking for. My favourite Shay and Blue is English Cherry Blossom.
Review by Daisy / (Posted on 04/12/2018)
Last on my skin
This is the fourth shay and blue I have tried. Not been disappointed in any of them. Black Tulip is a beautiful fragrance . don’t know if I have a favourite yet. Also love the sample sizes especially to take on holiday
Review by Patsy / (Posted on 17/11/2018)
An Absolute Winner!
This is just a wonderful perfume and has become my new favourite, and it lasts so well on me. I've had several compliments about it already! If you like Black Opium you will adore this!!!
Review by Quetzal / (Posted on 29/10/2018)
Needs to settle on the skin then it's lovely.
Wasn't sure about this when I first sprayed as I thought it was too heavy it but after around 10 mins I really liked it. Lasts all day as all S&B perfumes I've tried do.
Review by Jp / (Posted on 27/08/2018)
My new favourite fragrance.
Beautiful fragrance, it has a rich alluring quality. Very sensual and seductive.
Review by Catie. / (Posted on 27/07/2018)
Change of perfume
I love this perfume. I was looking for a change and this fits the bill perfectly
Review by Devonlady / (Posted on 03/04/2018)
Decadent, sultry I love it
Beautiful fragrance I'm going to get a full size bottle ASAP
Review by MummyMudd / (Posted on 19/03/2018)
Let down by the bottle
Beautiful unique scent however the spray bottle didn't work properly so a little disappointed
Review by Mel / (Posted on 18/03/2018)
Fabulous scent
Loved this scent with the vanilla and black tulip
Review by Dinki / (Posted on 14/03/2018)
Stunning and unique fragrance :-).
Beautiful, unique fragrance. Very long lasting, exquisite, and very unisex. Definitely one of my personal favourites; stunning. :-)
Review by Kim / (Posted on 14/03/2018)
Gorgeous scent
Beautiful scent that fades to something even more lovely as the day goes by. A fragrance suitable for night or day and unlike any other
Review by Becky / (Posted on 14/03/2018)
Truly decedent
A truly gorgeous fragrance, elegant and sensual. A timeless classic for me.
Review by MrsR / (Posted on 13/03/2018)
Gorgeous fragrance, I loved it. Warm and decadent.
Review by Samantha / (Posted on 12/03/2018)
Black Tulip
I love it. I never know what fragrances I like till I smell them - I’d love to be able to purchase from you a coffees of more of your fragrance phials. And then I’ll know what to ask for as presents!!! A
Review by Annabella Mowbray / (Posted on 07/03/2018)
WOW!!! Black Tulip rich decedent and so moreish. A warm spicy oriental well it is on my skin. Very long lasting with wonderful sillage. The opening has a lovely warm plum-like note juicy and mouthwatering. I do get hints of the flowers not too heady I do not actually know how the managed the tulip note but it sits perfectly with the warm spice/wood notes in the base. Very high-quality fragrance worthy of any of the great noses.
Review by REVIEW BY MITSOUKO1958 / (Posted on 21/02/2018)
lovely fragrance
good way to try different fragrances and this is lovely and different, will be buying in the future.
Review by Suzi13 / (Posted on 20/02/2018)
complex, wearable
First, I have to say that the samples are an excellent idea and although the cost adds up if you want to try several, there is enough in each sample to try out for a week so you can experience the perfume in different ways for evaluation. This fragrance is interesting, complex but very wearable. Hard to describe, and I like that.
Review by Bella / (Posted on 07/02/2018)
A modern classic in the making
This is not my type of perfume - I am more of a scents of nature type of person. However, I did enjoy the sample and could well see myself wearing this for special occasions. My skin turns most things very sweet, but combined very well with this mix and sparked my interest in re-sampling.
Review by Hibiscus / (Posted on 30/12/2017)
Luxurious heaven!
I adore this scent! It is floral, fruity but with a tang, and it has hints of wood as well as the fresh Spring flower bouquet. It is sexy without being obvious and is so unusual, which is why I love it. Shay and Blue packaging is so gorgeous!
Review by Rufi / (Posted on 21/11/2017)
Lovely Fragrance
This is another lovely fragrance, cant wait for the full size to come out next year. I love Shay and Blue. Its good that we can buy on the high street. Always lovely packaging.
Review by Sue / (Posted on 15/11/2017)
Classic and sophisticated - my new absolute favourite
As much as I love Blood Oranges, Belladonna and Cherry - this is now my number one fragrance - classic, sophisticated and has attracted a lot of very positive comments - now my go to perfume rather than Jo Malone Pomegrante Noir - which I never thought would happen
Review by Vivien / (Posted on 15/11/2017)