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Salt Caramel Fragrance 100ml

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Salt Caramel Fragrance 100ml

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BEST SCENTS OF 2015 - Parfum Blog Awards 2015
BEST OF SCENT 2014 - CaFleureBon Awards 2014
"Salt Caramel on the skin is golden, brazen sweet heaven, dusted with salty addiction. The licky-licky salt effect radiates through layers of caramelized musks, beguiling startled senses. You are prepared for sweetness, but the dry, blueness of the saline rub is just fabulously bizarre. It increases one’s craving for the sugar. The contradiction lies in the skin itself; do I go salt or sweet? Yet as with food, we often smell them together, side-by-side. It’s a disconcerting sensation in Salt Caramel; on the cusp of what Nigella refers to in her article as the ‘bliss point’, the moment when you smell it and it is sheer perfection. A scent to indulge in, drown in, over and over again." The Silver Fox for CaFleureBon

Salt Caramel is an award-winning rich, woody-vanilla fragrance. Inspired by English chocolatier to the Queen Charbonnel et Walker's Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, this is an irresistible fragrance composed of waves of caramel and bourbon vanilla cut through with sea salt and sandalwood.

  • Top Note - Liquid caramel is expertly offset with tangy sea salt.
  • Heart Note - The smoothness of tonka bean adds a touch of elegance.
  • Base Note - Refined bourbon vanilla for depth in the base with sandalwood as a woodsy counterpoint to the sweetness.
  • In a rich, long-lasting Eau De Parfum concentration.
  • Beautifully wrapped in a gift presentation box with striped grosgrain ribbon.

Handcrafted in England with real flowers, fruits and spices. Salt Caramel was created in 2014 by Julie Massé, Perfumer, and Dom De Vetta, Founder. We do not test on animals. Find us on the PETA list of cruelty-free companies.



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Review by INGA / (Posted on 28/11/2018)
Salted Caramel Popcorn, a little chemical
Definitely smells like salted caramel popcorn. I love it for that. Longevity isn't the best, and it can smell somewhat "chemical" - an odd fake smell - something too strong, too sharp in my nose. Other than these things, I really enjoy it. I live in San Francisco, CA, and received my bottle in one week with FedEx International shipping, which I appreciate. No more samples included, bummer.
Review by Elle / (Posted on 20/06/2018)
Absolutely beautiful! Fast becoming my favourite fragrance. The delivery service was excellent and the packaging really superb. Thank you Dom for this outstanding perfume I am looking forward to trying more from shay and blue.
Review by Luka trooper / (Posted on 07/06/2018)
Salt caramel...divine
Bought merely by checking out reviews.
So pleased I did.
Salt,caramel and vanilla but not sickly sweet as salt balances it out.
Gorgeous scent and I will be trying other Shay and Blue fragrances.
Review by Sassyj / (Posted on 27/12/2017)
pop corn
it smells like a night at the theater with pop corn on my lap!
Review by rafaela tramontini / (Posted on 21/09/2017)
pop corn at the movies by night
I bought it after having read on fragrantica I could layer this with YSL Mon Paris, to get Miss Dior Chérie (2005 version with caramel pop corn), and this perfume for me smells like a night at the theater with pop corn on my lap. Its box is really classy just as its bottle. My purchase arrived really quickly.
Review by rafatramon / (Posted on 21/09/2017)
Cuddle in a bottle
I was enticed onto this website by the Facebook page and Atropa Belladonna...so I ordered samples of this and the intriguing Blacks Club Leather, whilst here I saw Salt Caramel, and I did something I have NEVER done before....I ordered the large bottle on the description only...I have always sampled perfumes before,they are so very personal, but, this sounded LUSH. My goodness!!!! It's gorgeous!! If ever there was a cuddle in a bottle this it it....it manages to comfort you, like a soft jumper on a cold day, but it's also the smell of the seaside, a walk on the beach with pop corn and candyfloss in the air ....the scent lingers all day on me, I have been an Angel fan for at least ten years ...but Salt Caramel has taken my heart and wrapped it up in cashmere,safe and sound.
Review by Sam Kavanagh / (Posted on 20/07/2017)
Smelling Superbly Saltamelly
There's a current vogue in the culinary world for mixing sweet and savoury to produce delectable new flavours. (North Africans have been doing this for centuries). Now Shay & Blue have translated this to tremendous effect by creating Salt Caramel.

This fragrance starts off with a mouthwateringly syrupy toffee popcorn accord that slowly becomes more irresistible as the tonka bean note joins the fiesta. The savoury sweetness (or sweet savouriness) continues unabated through to the fragrant, elegant sandalwood base. Gorgeous.

This is a sophisticated gourmand. It is not so literal as to be a food smell. Rather it is a multilayered, meticulously constructed perfume in the best French tradition (but with a British twist). It lasts a tremendously long time and projects admirably. I fancy it might also do wonders for layering with other fragrances. Perhaps a spray of this with Shay & Blue's Sicilian Limes? Lemon caramel tart anyone? Yes please!
Review by Love Lion / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
This is divine smelling , I want to eat it ,it smells that good , and lots of lovely comments from men on the smell as well thanks
Review by Silky / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
Oh my word..
Quite simply, salted caramel.. With depth. This is one hell of an amazing scent. It does not disappoint! I'm a big lover of gourmande and sweet perfumes, but this is beautifully sweet without being sickly. How they've managed to add the 'salt' kick at the start I do not know. I'd go as far as to say this is genius.
Review by hotpoker / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
I for many years have only purchased Joe Malone Colognes....
However decided to send for some of Shay & Blue samples before purchasing this wonderful cologne, it is divine and obviously unisex I have had a great deal of compliments when wearing this, would highly recommend,my next purchase a bottle of the " Oud Alif" which also smells gorgeous !!!!!
Review by Miss J MacDonald "joanwood2" / (Posted on 16/09/2015)