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Salt Caramel Fragrance 30ml

Product Review (submitted on 16 September 2015):
There's a current vogue in the culinary world for mixing sweet and savoury to produce delectable new flavours. (North Africans have been doing this for centuries). Now Shay & Blue have translated this to tremendous effect by creating Salt Caramel.

This fragrance starts off with a mouthwateringly syrupy toffee popcorn accord that slowly becomes more irresistible as the tonka bean note joins the fiesta. The savoury sweetness (or sweet savouriness) continues unabated through to the fragrant, elegant sandalwood base. Gorgeous.

This is a sophisticated gourmand. It is not so literal as to be a food smell. Rather it is a multilayered, meticulously constructed perfume in the best French tradition (but with a British twist). It lasts a tremendously long time and projects admirably. I fancy it might also do wonders for layering with other fragrances. Perhaps a spray of this with Shay & Blue's Sicilian Limes? Lemon caramel tart anyone? Yes please!