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Black Tulip Natural Spray Fragrance 30ml

Product Review (submitted on 5 February 2018):
Never written a product review ever!! However wow... have only had this product for 5 hours and it's still wearing well and is the most amazing scent I thought Salted Caramel and a famous High St cosmetic house brand would never be beaten but I have now found my signature scent!

The wonderful fresh then fuity notes are amazing and femnine but modern - but this white chocolate warmth (as this is the only way and perfect way to describe it) is outstanding. Not a hint of sugary sweetness, just an enveloping warm, delicious scent with brilliant sillage, I have drawn complments already!

Having tried fruit (framboise noire) the salted caramel and now this, Black Tulip is a fragrance that ticks all of these boxes, a truly fabulous modern fragrance!! five stars not enough!! It's yummy !!