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Amber Oud Ahad Fragrance Concentrée 100ml

Product Review (submitted on 28 November 2017):
This was an impulse buy after ordering a sample. After the first spray, It hits you with a wave of WARMTH; very rich like a fruit cake dusted with brandy. 15 minutes on, it changes to the most bewitching blend of iris and rose. A powdery gorgeousness is all I can sum up. .SO blissful, that I can't do it justice, I'd be happy if these notes went on for hours. Neroli less so, on me .

After 3hours or so it dries down vibrating with oud and amber, with a ghost whisper of rose.
If you're not keen on amber then this one is not for you. This is my choice for going out somewhere special . Its very sexy and sensual, and intensely luxurious and oriental, but not so heavy to give you a headache. I have had compliments while wearing it. And, just when I think I can't detect it any more; the rich warm fuzziness wafts up my nose .

I'm surprised there aren't many comments about it. Excellent staying power; lasts 24 hours on my skin. Between the 2 Ouds; I plunge for Amber Oud Ahad every time. oh by the way Dom , your scents are so packed with naturals that my cat even wants to lick where I'd sprayed my hands and wrist. So he approves too.