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Sicilian Limes Fragrance 100ml

Sicilian Limes Fragrance 100ml

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Lovely but would like a little more lime & salt.
I bought this blind based on the fact I like citrus / salty fragrances and often wear lime based. I do like this although the longevity does not seem quite as good as some others. The reason I've given it 4 rather than 5 is that I find the spice base overwhelms the lime and sea salt, I would prefer it the other way round ( I've sprayed it on three folk plus linen and it is still spice heavy - this of course is subjective and some will prefer a lighter citrus note. All in all I'm happy with it and will likely try the orange next.
Review by Magpie / (Posted on 02/07/2019)
Had my eye on this one for a long time and finally got my hands on it ... absolute stunner of a fragrance...crisp and summery ....my new favourite .Have used blood orange, which is smashing too but this supercedes blood orange
Review by Krutika / (Posted on 25/06/2019)
The first of many from Shay and Blue
Utterly unique. Zesty scent with an undercurrent of salt. Dries down to a powdery wood fragrance. My new signature scent
Review by Bluebell Willow / (Posted on 19/09/2018)
Art in a Bottle
This is my fourth bottle of Shay & Blue fragrance, and Sicilian Limes does not disappoint. It is clean, long-lasting, and refreshing - nothing short of art in bottle form.
Review by Michael / (Posted on 08/06/2018)
Me in a nutshell.
I adore this scent. It is without doubt my go to despite being a very loyal Chanel No 5/Cristalle wearer for a number of years. You can smell every element so clearly. The salt, the fresh lime and everything underneath. The most random people compliment me and ask me what scent I wear and it appeals to both men and women so is truly egalitarian.
Review by Estha / (Posted on 05/12/2017)
lovely clean smell
this is my fifth 100ml bottle of Sicilian limes,I used to be able to buy it from M&S and John Lewis in Nottingham but both shops stopped stocking it, dissapointing
Review by jollyjack / (Posted on 10/08/2017)
Just received Sicilian Lime fragrance as a Christmas gift and I love it. Perfectly sized for travel and wonderful, true, light fragrance. Looking forward to sharing my newest discovery with friends.
Review by Will H / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
You must try this!
When I got this fragrance, a part of me was thinking that I had made a mistake, as I was thinking about all the other room sprays that say they are Lemon or Lime scented.
But this one is refreshingly nice to smell, again, again and again.
Everyone who has had a sniff of this, of all ages and races, loves this fragrance.
I feel that this should be one for the ladies but anyone can enjoy the smell of this again, many men who I know really like the smell of this too.
This fragrance I will definely buy again. It can be enjoyed by all, regadless of the outside weather or season.
Review by Laura Jane "L.Jane" / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
Modern day cologne
I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He used to wear Chanel and Jo Malone but to be honest I was getting bored of the same old, same old. When I discovered Shay & Blue I was so excited to learn it was created by an ex-Chanel and Jo Malone fragrance expert! My husband absolutely loves this zingy and spicy modern day cologne, plus it lasts way longer than any other scent he's ever worn. We're both delighted.
Review by Philly D / (Posted on 10/09/2015)

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