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Blood Oranges Fragrance 100ml

Blood Oranges Fragrance 100ml

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Thank you!
At last, a perfume that does not bring me out in a rash! Thank you Shay and Blue!
Review by Amanda / (Posted on 28/02/2018)
absolutely love this perfume
I got a small bottle of the Blood Orange perfume in an M&S gift set and have been in store several times to buy another bottle but was gutted to find they were out of stock, so I am glad you still have this available this will now be on my mothers day , anniversary and birthday list
Review by Susan / (Posted on 22/02/2018)
Bought this for my Daughter's birthday - she loves it but so do I so might have to invest in another bottle.
Review by Map / (Posted on 25/01/2018)
An Incredible Perfumery House
I first came across Shay and Blue in December of 2017 when looking for something different as a Christmas gift for my wife and was blown away by the Salted Caramel scent. Since then Shay and Blue has been our go to perfumer. Blood Orange is another amazing fragrance, so much so that when my daughter sampled it I was obliged to buy a bottle for her too.
Review by JohnB / (Posted on 28/12/2017)
Absolutely love the blood oranges spray. Would definitely buy it again
Review by Kimmy / (Posted on 26/12/2017)
Blown Away!
Having been someone who has worn conventional high street fragrances for a number of years, I was very much intrigued by Shay and Blue's philosophy and concept of all natural products. Blood Oranges is a brilliant fragrance, it truly is unisex which is hard to perfect. The aroma is different, fruity with a blend of musk and utterly classy. I would recommend it to anyone.
Review by Brad Kelly / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
I love this so much
I bought a travel size bottle of Blood Oranges a couple of months ago and have already used it up and ordered the large one! It's such an unusual and lovely fragrance - I'm torn between wanting to tell all my friends about it and a desire to keep the secret to myself. Am saving up for the candle next...
Review by jogee / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
A Fresh Fragrance
This smells of fresh oranges, just as it's name would suggest.
I imagine that because natural products are used, their volatility is high and so the scent of oranges disappears relatively quickly. However, what I think you're left with is a smell of frankincense, which I also love and which lingers for some time. I think this fragrance would suit both men and women, it's appropriate for both summer and winter, it's lovely.
Review by Sandra "I Love Perfume" / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
Very Fresh and Sensual
I really loved this. It has all the freshness you'd expect, it smells of real orange, but it is also sensual. I think the leather and musk make it deep, a nice contrast with the oranges. And it lasts eight hours on me, which is unusual for citrus fragrances.
Review by Angie38 / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
Good smell.
I got this fragrance for my dad, for the UK Father's Day.
I'm glad to say he liked it.
Unfortunately for him and me, my mum liked this fragrance too and called it funky (she's over 60 years of age).
It's now dissapered - somehow I don't think that my dad or I will be seeing this fragrance again.
Although I liked it, I have to admit that I've smelled other fragrances by Shay and Blue that I prefer.
I don't see myself buying this product again, unless someone in my family wants me to get it for them.
Review by Laura Jane "L.Jane" / (Posted on 16/09/2015)

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