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Atropa Belladonna Fragrance 100ml

Atropa Belladonna Fragrance 100ml

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Nice but that's all.
When I got this product, I was looking forward to it as it had received good reviews.
When I had a sniff, I found the smell rather ordinary and not as enjoyable as other fragrances by Shay and Blue.
In other words, I won't be ordering this fragrance again but any woman who gets this as a present, won't be dissapointed.
Review by Laura Jane "L.Jane" / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
Delicious Atropa Belladonna
I'm absolutely in love with this fragrance. Not only does it smell delicious and decadent from the moment you put it on but the scent also wears beautifully throughout the day. You can really tell this has been made with huge amounts of real flowers and spices.
Review by Philly D / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
Tradition and Modernity combined to perfection
From the moment I was handed the stylish blue bag with its ribbon fastening, I knew that this was a 'get well soon' gift I would cherish. What Shay and Blue have achieved - with fabulous attention to detail - is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. The bag, the box, the bottle - these are all beautifully made from high quality materials, reminiscent of a bygone age of glamour. And then the scent...heady, evocative, it lingers and matures over the day in a way that is quite magical. Early on, the fruity cassis scent is the most prevalent but then the jasmine comes to the fore and evokes summer evenings and then the warm comfort of vanilla and patchouli comes through. I thought nothing would lure me away from my signature scent, but Shay and Blue have done it.

Now, I cannot wait for my convalesence to end so that I can run to the wonderful boutique in Marylebone and check out the rest of the range!
Review by S. Price / (Posted on 16/09/2015)
Beautiful Perfume
I am in love with this perfume. I just love wearing it and have used all of it....need to get my second bottle soon. Every time I have worn it someone always compliments me on the smell. It lasts all day as well. Highly recommend Atropa Belladonna
Review by Mia Kelly / (Posted on 16/09/2015)

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