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At Shay & Blue we have three perfume concentrations; Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Fragrance concentrate, and Extrait de Parfum. The difference lies in the concentration of the fragrance oil, and your preference will lie in how intense you would like your fragrance to be.

Fragrances fall into scent families that can help you determine what you like, and to make it easier for you, we have already sorted our fragrances into their respective families in our menu.

Citrus: citrus fragrances have top notes that often come from oranges, lemons, or limes

Floral: as the name suggests, these include fragrances whose main notes are inspired by flowers

Light Floral: light florals contain flower extracts that are not as heady as the regular florals

Fruit: fruit-based fragrances are sweeter and have notes of fruits like peaches, blackberries, or watermelons

Woods: fragrances in the woods category could be described as “earthy” and are typically more intense and will last longer on your skin. They can contain notes such as oud, patchouli, frankincense, and sandalwood

Spice: a mix of woods and sweetness, with a hint of pepper, vanilla, or cardamom. These fragrances create a bridge between the intense woods and the lighter fruit or floral scents

We use naturals and synthetics. Each of our fragrances contains naturals, but using botanicals exclusively is not always possible when making sure our products are free from the bad stuff and kind to the planet. In some instances—sandalwood, for one—using botanicals would mean harming the environment (natural sandalwood is vulnerable). In those instances, we use lab-created synthetics that are safe for skin, many of which are considered natural identicals, because they’re the same as what’s found in nature. It’s the responsible thing to do.

To us, real fragrance means we stand behind everything that makes up Shay & Blue fragrances; our responsible sourcing, care for the world we live in, and the wellbeing of our customers.

To create real fragrances, it takes real ingredients.

To create modern scents, those with a true difference, it takes integrity, imagination and unbridled passion. Always so that we can help you feel true to you, whatever your age, gender, style and swagger.

Real fragrance with integrity & imagination. Keeping you true to your-unique-self.

For us, it’s about recognising your mood, many moments and your absolute uniqueness.

Generally as time goes on a fragrance might lose its top notes, but if you store it in a cool, dark place, your bottle will last you a few years. It's ideal to store our perfumes in a cool dry place such as a cupboard as we do not use preservatives. If you notice any strange smells coming from your perfume after a prolonged period. Please do contact us.

You can peruse our site, see what you like and order some samples, or chat with our fragrance consultant, Sophie! Just click the blue bubble on the bottom right of your screen.

Unlike some bigger businesses we do charge a small amount for samples. This really is to cover our costs. The cost to make a sample for us is about the same to make a 10ml bottle. We do offer free shipping so we are not all bad. Our juice is precious and we only make small batches each year. We think our samples are a small price to pay.

No. Never have and never will! We are cruelty free, PETA certified and proud.

Yes we do. We have an online presence in China. This until recently has caused problems with certifying ourselves as cruelty free. China has since changed its policy to allow 'online only' operations the ability to trade without testing on animals. We think this is great. However until China adopts a wider policy on animal testing we will not trade in physical stores.

They are indeed! They are also gluten-free. We want to make sure that our fragrances are safe and suit everyone.

We feel very strongly about our environmental impact, and we are working towards being 99% free of plastic packaging. This year all of our bottles will be produced from plastic alternatives. However, it is currently not possible to source a non plastic pump to our specification. In order to reduce the impact of this we are developing a dedicated recycling scheme whilst further researching alternative materials such as natural resin.

Yes, particularly during this time when going to the shop can be difficult. Please call us on: 0845 548 0113

We aim to process and ship your order as fast as we can, in some circumstances we can cancel and change your order. Please contact us via chat as soon as you have placed your order.

Yes you can, when you check out you can ship to an alternative address to that of your billing address. If you need to change an address once you have ordered. Please chat to us immediately and we will see if we are able to change your details for you.

Currently we are unable to offer gift wrapping from our online store. If you are able to visit us in London then please do. Or talk to us on chat and we will see if we can wrap something in the store for you and dispatch it. We are working on a gift wrap and message service later this year.

We want you to be as happy as possible with your order. We offer a 30 day returns period and you can return any unopened product to us from our Shipping & Returns page.

We offer short online fragrance consultations via chat with Sophie. These tend to be 15 minute informal conversations where we get to know a little about you, what you like and dislike and how you like to wear a fragrance. We like to make about three recommendations based on your personal preferences. Come say hi and open a chat window with Sophie to book an appointment.