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Upcycling Candle Jars - Don't Just Let The Flame Burn Out

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Candles, great for cosy nights on the sofa, date nights in the bedroom and also just for making a room smell fantastic! At Shay and Blue we have made some of our popular scents into candles for you to enjoy but what happens once they are all burnt out? We dont want you to be wasteful with the candle jars so here are a few ideas of what you could repurpose the candle jar for instead of simply tossing it in your glass recycling!


Cleaning out your candle jar

Once the candle has burnt out to the point it can't come back to life let it cool and pop it in the freezer (Yes, it really is that easy!). Leave the candle in there for a few hours, this freezes the wax and when you pull the candle out with a little help from a utensil such as a spoon the wax will pop straight out or crack. You can then dispose of or reuse the leftover wax - that is a post for another day. I then wash the jar out with some hot soapy water to get any leftover bits of wax out and you have a nice clean jar to reuse!

Altenatively when the candle is finished you can scrape the wax out with a sppon or use hot water to melt it and the wax will all float to the top. Let the hot water cool and then you can break the thin layer of wax and wash the jar the same as before. I found both these methods have worked but the easiest and least messy for myself is definitely the freezer method!



So now that you’ve got a clean candle jar, here are some different ways you can reuse it!


Bathroom Storage

There are lots of opportunities for using these in your bathroom. You can use them to hold small items such as:

  • cotton balls
  • cotton swabs
  • cotton pads
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • small jewellery--great way to keep rings from getting lost

If the candle comes with a lid try to keep hold of this! It means less moisture can get to the items inside which for a bathroom is very helpful.


Candle Containers as Desk Storage

For holding taller items like pens, pencils and scissors our candles would not be very handy so I recommend grabbing a larger, taller candle container. 

For smaller items such as paper clips and rubber bands ours are perfect, they are also great for keeping tools in such as pencil sharpeners or if you're like me and you like to snack when you work theres no shame in putting a few sweets in there too. Work essentials, right?

Used Candle Containers for Your Vanity

Again, I would use a taller jar for this one but they are great for storing makeup brushes or tools such as facial rollers, tweesers, mini scissors or lash curlers! Anythihng you dont want just lying around is great to pop into an old candle jar, it stops your stuff getting lost so easily too!


Used Candle Containers as Small Plant Pots

Those mini succulents you were thinking of buying would fit perfectly in an old candle jar and you wouldnt need to spend money on a tiny pot for them!

Also perfect for herbs in the kitchen if you like to grow your own. Alternatively to growing plants in them you can also use them as miniture vases. Keep a small bunch of flowers or even just a singular stem in them. They are pretty for windowsills, shelves or a table centrepiece. 

Use Empty Candle Jars as a Tealight Holder


Of course, candle jars can also just be used as a little tealight holder – super easy! Once the jar is used up and clean just pop a singular tea light in and ta da!

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