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The Muse: Jane Birkin

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At Shay & Blue we love a British original. A British rose of a special kind, Jane Malory Birkin was born to be famous. Stunningly beautiful in a quirky kind of way, she burst onto London's swinging sixties scene with a style all of her own. It was a time when emerging 'looks' and off the wall styles were changing on so many levels. The music scene was revolutionary, fashion designers were putting on the heat and the theatre scene together with cinema was set to cause a stir. Quickly hitting the big screen and gliding down the catwalks of Paris wearing designer gems of the day, Birkin was destined to be part of the very big picture on a global scale. She soon partnered up with Serge Gainsbourg, an already controversial figure on the 'French scene' and the two released the now ultra famous but once scandalous duet “Je t'aime... moi non plus”, a song originally penned by the enigmatic Gainsbourg for none other than sex kitten Mademoiselle Bardot herself. [embed][/embed] Birkin and Gainsbourg became the ‘it couple’ of the 60s and 70s, albeit in oft-controversial ways, but it was after all a time when it was believed that anything goes. The couple were continually followed, always in the limelight. Others craved their style and Jane Birkin, the muse and icon was truly born. Actress, singer and fashionista of the moment, with the aid of her mentor and partner, she took the fashion and music world by storm. Her name becoming synonymous with the Paris fashion house Hermès when they introduced the ultra desirable and now iconic Birkin handbag – one of which recently sold for a cool $222,000 at auction in Hong Kong. Always erring on the side of controversy, yet stunningly refreshing, Birkin remains her own person to a tee – still as slim and as vocal in a calm kind of way. Once the muse of Yves Saint Laurent who held private fashion shows for the beauty, Birkin manages to pull off a look all of her own, and one that remains stunningly and oh, so effortlessly cool. She continues to enthral and thrill whether it's in concert, as an activist for many a cause or just simply when she's being a mother – it's what icons are supposed to do, but when Jane Birkin is in the limelight there's always that little bit more...

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