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Shay and Blue Fragrance Trios

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Now you might already know about our Precious Trio set, made up of 3 x 10ml fragrances in Blood Oranges, White Peaches and Watermelons. 

What you might not already know is that we have two new sets!


Men's Trio

Our Mens Trio has already been aired on QVC so won't be a surprise to those of you that are QVC fans, but for everyone that might have missed it we have all the details here for you! 

Containing 10ml fragrances of Oud Alif, Kings Wood, Blacks Club Leather our men's trio - which is certainly not just for men - is made up of our three concentrate fragrances. These three fragrances are all confident, only needing a few sprays to be noticed. They have also never been made in our 10ml sixe before! 



Oud Alif

  • Top Note - Fine Oud Agarwood
  • Heart Note - Chocolat noir and soft saffron
  • Base Note - Napa leather and dark patchouli


Kings Wood

  • Top Note - Pineapple for an unusual burst of freshness and character
  • Heart Note - Fearn leaves and sichuan pepper add natural warmth
  • Base Note - A blend of leather and English woods offer confidence


Blacks Club Leather

  • Top Note - A waft of English leather, reassuring and comforting
  • Heart Note - The aroma of a fine VSOP brandy
  • Base Note - Fire wood and mahogany rubbed with beeswax


Floral Trio

Our Floral Trio, as you have probably guessed, is made up of three of our floral fragrances! Featuring Amber Rose, Scarlet Lily and our soon-to-be newest fragrance Tallulah's Camellia. Similarly to the Men's Trio - this is not only for women! 


Amber Rose

  • Top Note - Rare and feminine May rose from Grasse
  • Heart Note - Delicious dulce de leche with sweet milk notes
  • Base Note - Fine white amber


Scarlet Lily


  • Top Note - Lotus blossom will freshen and brighten the floral bouquet
  • Heart Note - Scarlet ariadne lily and ylang ylang add a modern edge
  • Base Note - Amber creates a warm gentle finish


Tallulahs Camellia


Now this one hasn't actually been released yet but Dom previewed it in July on QVC! Due to come in 2021 we have Tallulah's Camellia..


  • Top Note - Delicate haze of Bluebell
  • Heart Notes - White gardenia flowers
  • Base Notes - Soft blonde wood for a natural musk fragrance


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