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Seasonal Scents: English Cherry Blossom

2 min read

Those first snow-coloured clouds of cherry blossom evoke more than just the fresh start of spring. A hint of sweetness, as sunlight dapples beneath trees laden with dense petals. An effervescent joyfulness, as life brims full at every corner – and the earliest blushes of a playful new romance, with the first tentative kisses falling as softly on your skin as the blossom. With its ethereal clouds of bergamot and black cherry, English Cherry Blossom is the perfect rendition of the dreamy days that come with the first buds of spring. It blooms with an early hint of those long sunny days to come – capturing the first tantalising sparkle of sunlight with top notes of bergamot and green mandarin, giving a pleasingly light citrus edge to compliment the feminine sweetness of floral blooms. Then an air of richness emerges, tugging at your heart to draw you closer in. Spring, after all, isn’t just the time to dance lightly at the flicker of bright new novelties. It’s also the time to relish in new promises, as the tendrils of young love encircle and deepen, and the prospect of the rich fruits of summer glitter on the horizon. The deep, luscious scents of black cherries, fig and cassis entwine and emanate with a warm luxuriousness, providing a comfortable roundness – without overwhelming the signature lightness of this fragrance. At its base, the perfume draws down sweetly and smoothly, maturing with woodier notes to bring a tone of sophistication and subdued refinement. Cherry wood provides the ideal earthier counterpart to the sweet florals that preceded, while iris brings a romantic softness to the end of this wonderfully spring-inspired scent. Weaving tenderness and sweetness, this gentle bloom of a fragrance provides the perfect nudge from Cupid to follow your heart. Go on, let your dreams blossom as wide and bright as you dare. Buy English Cherry Blossom here.  

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