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Seasonal Scents: Almond Cucumber

2 min read

‘May cause Daydreaming’ When a fragrance comes with a warning this whimsical you would be right to expect delicate notes and refined touch and go tones. We describe Almond Cucumber as ‘Soft, gentle. A subtle whisper’. A creative combination of delicate almond blossom, Grasse Winter mimosa, cucumber and almond wood is subdued yet permeating - a string instrument rather than a trombone. What kind of occasion calls for a subtle yet resounding harp of a scent? With the crisp breeze of the shadier autumn months on the way, a more peaceful eau de parfum with the freshness of cucumber and a hint of crunchy almond sits well with casual daytime cashmere and cocooning knits. Natural almond crops will just be coming into their own with the drop in temperature so their powdery nuttiness is a fitting choice. Modest it may be, but there’s nothing constricting or ‘ladies who lunch’ about this clean, watery bouquet. It’s modern and understated enough for mid-morning brunch and decadent enough for a Winter wedding. That said, this is a scent of many seasons. The rare Grasse mimosa adds a sprightly Springtime essence to Almond Cucumber. Harvested in March in the south of France, they add a flicker of floral romance to contrast the perfume’s warm woodiness and thirst-quenching freshness. So this transitional scent is on-season more than once a year, while boasting impressive provenance, like all of our hand-picked ingredients. This is the kind of soft poetic aroma that leaves a lamenting waft behind it. The introduction is gentle but the impression is lasting. Perfect for date night. Remember that tried and trusted trick where you walk into a fine mist of spray for that ‘I woke up like this’ finish rather than an ‘I just applied this’ boldness? You won’t have to do that. Almond Cucumber has a wonderfully lingering nature that doesn’t require you to overcompensate at the onset, or use trickery to pacify. Wear when a little fragrance is welcomed but a lot deemed unnecessary. Languish by the poolside or enjoy a picnic with the most delicate of top notes charming your company and a twist of cucumber keeping you effortlessly contemporary. Shop the scent

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