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#SBReal - Let's Be Real

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For the month of January we are focusing on #SBReal, showing you all the realness behind Shay and Blue from the ingredients we use to the causes we support and the real people we love. 


Real flowers, fruit and spices

As we have told you many times before all of our fragrances are made with real ingredients. From apples to elderflower, honeysuckle to saffron and raspberry to ylang ylang you can find many different fruits, flowers and spices in our fragrances. 


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


Some of our ingredients can be found in lots of our fragrances such as orange which is found in Mandarines, Watermelons, Blood Oranges, Blueberry Musk and English Cherry Blossom while others such as peach is soley reserved for our White Peaches fragrance. 


We believe that using real ingredients creates better scents and also is just simply better for the environment! 


Real processes

At S&B we are reviving the forgotten ways of doing things, reviving the artisan perfumery methods of old to be new again: putting craft, ingredients and people at the centre of our practice. In today’s world perfume’s artisan past has been forgotten. Perfume brands are licenced to giant manufacturers who favour cheap chemicals, fat margins and excess profits.


  1. Ingredient Search. We source the highest quality sustainable materials and import them from our suppliers in Grasse in the South of France, still home to the best fragrance ingredient know-how in the world. Dom and Julie visit every year to grade the harvest - hand-picked May rose, jasmine in August - and perform batch quality checks.
  2. Oil Extraction. We extract fragrance oil concentrates from the raw materials with a range of traditional methods – extraction, distillation or cold-pressing.
  3. Eau De Parfum Blending. The oils are taken to our artisanal workshop in East London where Rosaline and Raza hand-blend them in small batches of Eau De Parfum concentrate.
  4. Two Stage Ageing. After mixing, first our maturation process means the Eau De Parfum blend is barrelled and left to sit, and second maceration means the oil is mixed with alcohol and distilled water and left to sit again. Maturation and ageing vary batch to batch, generally taking over a month for full depth and richness.
  5. Filtration and Bottling. Remaining plant particles from the naturals in the oils are filtered from the perfume blend, and our smoky blue bottles are filled on site. Each bottle is individually marked with a small-batch number for full traceability.
  6. Controlled Storage. The bottles are stored in our facility on England’s South coast in Dorset county under tightly controlled light and temperature conditions to ensure consistency across the batch, overseen by Jackie and Tim.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


Real people

Our core team of 6 all work from our London Boutique and all have very separate roles. As well as the boutique team in our artisinal workshop we have Rosaline and Raza and working on our storage is Jackie. Pop in to our boutique in Marylebone, London (once is is open again!) and you can meet us!


Real customers

As well as having real people in our team we pride ourselves on on having fantastic customers. We love all of your feedback and take all suggestions on board. Through TrustPilot reviews, comments on our social pages such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and also reviews left on our site and our stockists such as ASOS, QVC and Marks and Spencer we have built a relationship with our customers which we think is key! 

Take a look for yourself at our social pages and reviews to find out what is it about Shay and Blue that people love so much! If you havent left one already leave us a review and let us know what you think!


Real values

At the heart of Shay and Blue are our core values. 

Real fragrance with integrity & imagination. Keeping you true to your-unique-self.

We are rebels with heart and mind. Playing with fragrance is fun and experimental and fragrance should be used to amplify your mood. Spray as much as you want, fill the room if you want to and feel your mood be boosted. Whether you are feeling fun, playful, sexy or mysterious we have the fragrance for you. 

All of our frgrances are suitable for all genders, ages and preferences. We create infinite possibilities for you to be you!


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