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Our Top 12 Virtual Cities to Visit

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Check out these webcams from eerily empty tourist destinations

As many countries go into lockdown, these live feeds of tourist spots around the world make for peculiar viewing

Deserted St. Mark’s Square, Venice
Photograph: Shutterstock

If one thing could really bring home how significantly life has changed over the past few weeks, it’s seeing sights like Rome’s Spanish Steps and St Mark’s Square in Venice completely, utterly deserted.

Usually, you’d have to wade through crowds upon crowds to get within even queuing distance of the Doge’s Palace or Colosseum. But with curfews and quarantine measures being enforced throughout Europe and the rest of the world, things are looking very different now – as these live webcam feeds from Skyline show.

As most cities are now in lockdown and looking at the same four walls can get a bit tiresome why not have a change of scenery? You might have had a holiday booked over the next few months which has now had to be cancelled or you simply might be like me and be a nosey people watcher. Whatever your circumstance why not visit the places from the comfort of your own home until you can go there yourself. With these live cameras you are able to visit as many countries in lockdown as you want, you could visit at least 10 in half an hour, think of all the time you’re saving by not having to fly there! 

Whilst there are very few people around in a lot of countries there are a few rule breakers and also some countries who have started lifting restrictions. You do wonder who the odd straggler is and why they’re still knocking about, but mainly it’s made us ever-impatient to get back out and explore. If you are curious take a look.

Webcams from deserted tourist destinations

Brighton Pier in the United Kingdom

Photo by Theodor Vasile on Unsplash

Brighton Pier in England

First of all why not start with the UK? From Blackpool to Dover, Cardiff to London there are cameras across the UK showing some beautiful views so before choosing somewhere a bit more exotic why not have a look around!

View webcam of Brighton Pier

Trevi fountain in Rome
Photograph: Shutterstock

Trevi Fountain in Rome

The water may still be flowing, but you’d be hard-pressed to spot more than one or two Romans passing by the Trevi Fountain every minute or so right now. It’s a similar story at the Spanish Steps and Colosseum.

View webcam of Trevi Fountain

Puerta del Sol
Photograph: Shutterstock

Puerta del Sol in Madrid

In any normal time, this would be one of the busiest places in the Spanish capital. Yet as the government enforces a lockdown, few are passing through but emergency service personnel.

View webcam of Puerta del Sol

Deserted St. Mark’s Square, Venice
Photograph: Shutterstock

St Mark’s Square in Venice

La Serenissima was one of the first Italian cities to go into lockdown, and its most popular tourist spot, St. Mark’s Square, is far from the bustling centrepiece it usually is.

View webcam of St Mark’s Square

Old Town Square
Photograph: Shutterstock

Old Town Square in Prague

The Church of Our Lady Before Týn looms over a decidedly empty Old Town Square in Prague. On March 16 the Czech government ordered its citizens to stay indoors for at least a week.

View webcam of Old Town Square

Las Vistas beach in Tenerife
Photograph: Shutterstock

Las Vistas beach in Tenerife

There’s no sign of life along the white sands of Las Vistas in Tenerife, where tourists have been told to stay in their hotels in line with Spain’s nationwide lockdown.

View webcam of Las Vistas beach

Ponte Vecchio
Photograph: Shutterstock

Ponte Vecchio in Florence

When we last went here, it took us a few minutes to barge through the boutique-lined Ponte Vecchio’s habitual crowds. Today it’s virtually deserted.

View webcam of Ponte Vecchio

Market Square in Bruges
Photograph: Shutterstock

Market Square in Bruges

Belgium isn’t on lockdown quite yet, but this historic marketplace in the capital is emptying out already.

View webcam of Market Square

Western Wall in Jerusalem
Photograph: Shutterstock

Western Wall in Jerusalem

Usually a thriving place of pilgrimage, Jerusalem’s Western Wall is noticeably emptier than usual. Israelis have been told not to leave their homes unless necessary, and the country’s borders have been sealed off to visitors.

View webcam of Western Wall

Empty Barceloneta beach
Photograph: paymycollegedebt /

Barceloneta beach in Barcelona

There are lots of seagulls on Barceloneta – yet no humans. Public life in the Catalan capital has shut down almost completely.

View webcam of Barceloneta beach

Amalfi Coast
Photograph: Shutterstock

Amalfi Coast in Italy

All tourist activity seems to have faded along Italy’s Amalfi Coast, with boats at a standstill and roads almost car-free.

View webcam of Amalfi Coast

Jökulsárlón Lagoon Glaciers


Jökulsárlón lagoon glaciers in Iceland

How about Iceland? Compared to the multiple different cameras in Italy, Iceland only has two. One camera shows you theLutheran Church inReykjavík while the other displays the Jökulsárlón lagoon glaciers both of which are breath-taking.

View webcam of Jökulsárlón lagoon glaciers

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