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Our Light Floral Fragrance Family

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Delicate and airy, light floral scents kiss you with a soft breeze of fragrance. 

The floral scent category is one of the most common fragrance families, dating back to the beginning of human life when people would simply rub flowers on themselves or add them to their bathing water. Luckily since then we have come up with new ways to make you smell like a meadow of flowers that dont involve you getting out covered in petals. 

Floral scents are most commonly used in more femme fragrances however they are occasionally also used in masc ones too. They usually smell like freshly cut flowers (obviously) and might have a powdery scent to them. 

Floral perfumes unfortunately have a reputation of being old and grandma-ish but we want to remind you that not all florals smell the same so give it a try before turning your nose up at it!

We have two fragrances in our Light Florals range, English Cherry Blossom and Blueberry Musk. 


English Cherry Blossom

We blend airy blossom with black cherries, fig and bergamot for a sparkling citrus lift. A natural & pretty fragrance with youthful feels.


  • Top Note - Bergamot and green mandarin lift the pink blossoms
  • Heart Note - Fig, cassis, honeysuckle and black cherries bring fullness
  • Base Note - Iris and woods for a sophisticated soft finish

Image by @stylesofsophie on Instagram


Blueberry Musk

Sensual musk, blueberry & orange blossom fused with magnolia and silky cashmere. A sensual fragrance to enchant and entice any boo.


  • Top Note - Blueberry and orange zest for a sparkling top note
  • Heart Note - Orange blossom and magnolia bring creamy warmth
  • Base Note - White musk and cashmere woods for a silky finish

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