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Me Time: Daily Reflection for a Happier You – How 5 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life

2 min read

Flustered by the chaos and the relentless pace of daily life? When the merry-go-round seems to spin faster than ever, it seems all too easy to lose sight of your hopes, dreams and yourself. But a few minutes to enjoy a daily moment of reflection can give you a wonderful way to reclaim it all, and transform your life. Start by making the simplest of habits. Not an impossible half hour, torn out of a busy day. Not even 15 minutes – which can easily be tempted by procrastination and excuses. Just five minutes. To stop, pause, and reflect. Leave aside your Instagram feed and Facebook updates, and relish the brief pause as you go inwards instead. Reflection can be an incredibly nourishing exercise. And it doesn’t take much to reap the rewards. Try the simplest of exercises. Write down a single sentence in a daily journal, capturing something about your day. A moment of gratitude. Something that made you smile. A conversation you shared, or a gesture you saw. It can be anything you like – as long as you commit to writing that single sentence every day. By taking the time to pause and reflect on a single instance from your day, it gives you the much-needed opportunity to celebrate the daily successes, or gain perspective on things that could otherwise overwhelm. And over time, this simple habit can become a rewarding well of creativity and warmth. It can help you understand and learn from your mistakes, and see others in a new light. It can turn into a treasure trove of inspiration, as ideas bubble through that brief moment of stillness. And most of all, it can be wonderfully healing and soothing – as you allow your mind to rest from its busyness – and really breathe.

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