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Make Your Own Fragrance Display

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If you didnt already know it is best to store perfumes in a cool place out of direct sunlight. This doesnt mean that your perfume display can't look nice !though and they certainly dont have to be shoved into a draw or cupboard. Here are some ideas of how yuo can store your perfume to keep it organised but also nice to look at


1. Shelves

Depending on how many fragrances you have and the size of the bottles shelves are a great way to store them. The differet heights allow you to see all of the fragrances keeping smaller bottles at the front and bigger ones at the back. This also keeps them neat and tidy and you are able to simply pick one up, spray ot on and off you go. For bottles that arent too bulky we recommend shelves similar to this one from amazon. Originally advertised for nail polish we have stored our fragrances on there for an easy selection!

Image from


For bigger bottles you can also use small cupboard shelves such as spice shelves which you can find either from places like Amazon or your local supermarket. 


2. Not so lazy susan

Rotating makeup organisers can be used for may other things than simply just makeup storage. With organisers like the one below you are able to change the different levels the shelves sit at, this will allow you to store fragrances of all different heights. This storage means that you can store a lot of perfumes in a much smaller space, simply turning the unit when you want to view the perfumes in your collection. 


3. Decorative tray

Decorative trays are very popular right now, not only do they make your side look prettier but they also clear up a lot of mess you dont think about. From random haibands to bobby pins, maybe even the odd contact lense case.


Image by @theyab.ak on Instagram


Simply using a decorative tray gives your room the look of someone who has made an effort and may even have a secret interior designer inside of them. By placing your perfumes on a tray instead of simply just on the side not only does it keep them in one place but also keeps them neat and tidy and stops them cluttering up your surface.


Image by @kat.official_ on Instagram


4. In the box!

Our boxes aren't only made for transportation of the fragrance but can also be kept and used for after that. Not only do they protect the fragrance from sunlight but they also look great. If you don't believe us then have a look 


Image by @azzamapurno on Instagram


5. Draws

Finally we have draws, useful for storing all things beauty they are also perfect for holding your fragrance. Just make sure the lid is on tight, we don't want your fragrance spilling all over the place! They are your best bet for making sure your fragrance is protected from the light however they do mean that you wont have your beautiful bottles on display like many of the other options in this list. 


Image by @lillieanddot on Instagram


How do you store your fragrances? Let us know or tag us in a photo on Instagram! Don't forget to hashtag #SBXME for a change to be reposted onto the feed!



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