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Ingredient Spotlight: Sicilian Limes

2 min read

There’s a delicious paradox you discover when you’re stretched out on the velveteen beaches of Sicily. A heady, sensuous contrast between the rich, sun-warmed sand beneath you, exuding deep content. The sharp, salty roar of the ocean waves beckoning adventures across the horizon, while the hint of pine wood in the air teases with an earthy urgency. How do you capture such an exhilarating and ephemeral experience? The fierce, citrus burst of Sicilian Limes evokes this perfectly. As the lime groves come to their peak of maturation, the harvest of these beautifully vibrant and scintillating citrus fruits lends its scent to one of the most sensual and energising of our fragrances. Blending the burst of fresh lime juice with a carnal twist of saltiness, this multifaceted scent takes you through a spectrum of characters. It opens with brash, bold confidence – a hit of lime-laced salt margaritas inspire the innate confidence of fabulous nights out under the starry Sicilian nights, or gorgeous sun-drenched days, spent lazing behind sunglasses on pristine summer patios. Balancing lime and salt with the precision of the most adept cocktail mixologist – this is immediately enticing, and more than a little addictive. But as the first tangy hit eases away, it begins to open up to a hidden cove of mystery and eroticism. Rosemary blooms in a subtle, herby wave, adding an inquisitive and enchanting promise. The perfect middle act for a fragrance that draws you through the motions like a sultry Casanova – leading you by the nose with a continual tease. Of course, any Casanova worth his salt carries plenty of risk and danger in his shadows – and Sicilian Limes is no exception. As you pass through the fragrance, you journey deeper in, discovering the first tantalising fizz of citrus, and moving on to illicit encounters in the earthy darkness of moss and cedar wood. It’s a fragrance full of irresistible temptation, mystery – and impetuous excitement. Are you ready to surrender to its thrall?

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