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Down the Rabbit Hole: Food Noir

2 min read

Seduction has many dark, sinuous paths through the senses… The lingering tease of a lover’s fragrance in the air. The intoxicating possibilities that bubble up in the dark. The tantalising sound of a sharp inhale, holding on to pleasure, just a moment longer… But food? Food has a seductive power that’s quite unlike anything else. So it seems perfectly fitting that Madame Noir, the creator of Nude Noir, is turning her attentions to our plates and palates, inviting us to journey down a path of temptation, sensuality and utter decadence. Food Noir is a supper club unlike anything you’ve experienced before. No sweetly twee mismatched furnishing or jam-jar cocktails are waiting for you here. Instead, what you can expect is a feast that will draw out and toy with every one of your senses, to leave you sated in complete delight. Upon entering, the exquisite design of the exclusive setting gives you a glimpse of the dream-world ahead of you. Enticing aromas will tantalise your palate, while an incredible immersive theatre troupe provides the backdrop to a unique dining experience, as award-winning performers create a soundscape to stimulate your curiosity and draw your attention deeper in. And then, of course, it’s time for the main course. Be prepared to surrender to pleasure in the best way imaginable. Being blindfolded while eating? Teased and tempted by her exquisite performers? Experience the yearning of anticipation, as you wait to discover what delicious delights are in store. Madame Noir is intimately familiar with what it takes to bring pleasure to her audiences, and with exquisite cocktails and gourmet fare boasting a spectrum of flavours and textures, you’ll be left craving more, long after the final bite has been enjoyed. With a series of three gorgeously extravagant supper clubs, each exploring the themes of Temptation, Desire and Decadence, there is plenty in store for you to enjoy. Want the perfect scent to accompany your night of debauchery? It has to be Atropa Belladonna – bewitching and hallucinogenic in equal measure. Prepared to be undone.  

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