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Culture Spotlight: The Perfect New Year’s Party

3 min read

With the last glow of 2015 warming the air, and the promise of another year glinting on the horizon, it’s time to turn our thoughts towards celebrating the start of another amazing year. But what makes a perfect New Year’s party? Like every good perfume, every truly memorable New Year’s party has to have a magic ingredient in the mix. Read on for some of our favourite celebratory essentials. The perfect bottle of bubbly New Year’s without champagne is like a perfume without scent – utterly impossible, of course. But there’s an art to the perfect fizz. Do it right, and you’ll impress your guests; get it wrong and your party will be memorable, for all the wrong reasons. So take note of this simple pro tip: hold the bottle with the neck safely facing away from you – and anyone else, and untwist that loop of wire. As you grip the cork, twist the bottle slowly until you feel that slight sensation of the cork giving way – then to remove it completely, pull the bottle down. Cue: impressed applause. The perfect menu For your last party of 2015, leave the tasteless appetizers and kitschy party favours behind – instead amp up the party feel with a blend of opulence and ease, for a comfortable yet truly celebratory vibe. Food and décor are an essential part of this – and this isn’t something to leave for the food-coma swoon that lingers after the indulgence of Christmas. In fact, the earlier you plan, the more relaxed you’ll be, come December 31st. Whether you’re going all out with over the top glamour and sparkle, or simply want to imbue a pretty glow for a laidback get-together, choose flavours that everyone will love – but give it all a creative twist. The perfect dance floor It’s New Year’s –expect to dance well into the early hours! So choose your heels wisely – tired and blistered feet won’t make you the life and soul of any party, but that doesn’t mean a choice between retiring from the dance floor or your frumpiest flats. Make sure you’ve broken in your killer heels with a few wears before – and that you’ll be perfectly poised on them after you’ve had a few drinks. And curate your playlist well. New Year’s should be about creating an upbeat atmosphere, with loud tracks brimming with energy, and a generous number of favourite classics thrown in for good measure. No matter what year it is, we’ll always be ready to “party like it’s 1999.” The perfect ambience So you’ve got the champagne sorted. Your menu would make Yotam Ottolenghi weep with envy. And your dancing shoes are ready to make some serious shapes. What’s left? Those final touches of course – the all-important details to create that perfect ambience. You don’t need a professional stage designer to create the right setting – simply adding the right lighting can make your living room feel like Gatsby’s mansion. Glowing, ethereal lighting, from elegantly draped string lights, exotic lanterns and flickering candles add just the right touch of mystery and romance. And don’t underestimate the power of fragrance, with some sultry perfumed candles. Our delicious Pine D’Antibes candle is perfect for the festive feel – imbuing the air with the spirit of a winter wonderland, with the delicate scent of fir trees and snow drops. Or spoil your guests with a taste of real decadence – Atropa Belladonna weaves a hypnotic spell, that may just inspire that perfect midnight kiss.

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