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5 Must-Have Autumn Fragrances

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Autumn has officially arrived, which means one thing: time for some new autumn fragrances.

This season is a time of change and renewal. While nature sheds its leaves in preparation for winter, so should you swap out the light floral scents of summer for something a little more romantic and woodsy. Think fragrances that remind you of a cosy autumnal day, warm mugs of mulled cider, and crisp fall air. From earthy bases to velvety black tulips, we’re sharing our favourite autumn fragrances.

Blood Oranges

With leaves turning orange and Halloween on the way, orange is on the brain. Blood Oranges is a rich, refreshing fragrance that contains a splash of citrusy blood fruit with an ambery base full of sensual mystery. It’s incredibly fitting for the bewitching season ahead and works for both men and women. The juicy fresh bursts of blood orange and undertones of warm, sensual musk make our signature fragrance worthy of its acclaim.

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Black Tulip

Plums come to life in September and this sweet fruit is a key ingredient of our gorgeous and glamorous Black Tulip fragrance. This is an oriental floral statement that warms the skin and is handcrafted with real flowers, fruits and spices for a smooth finish. Well balanced with a hint of white chocolate, nothing screams autumn more than this sweet and sultry blend ideal for the fall.

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Dandelion Fig

Another one of our must-have autumn fragrances is Dandelion Fig. This distinctive, whisper-soft unisex blend of dandelion and fig is beautifully intricate with the naturally warm notes of lemongrass, juniper and tomato vine to provide a scent that is different, fresh and earthy.

If you still crave a lighter perfume this season but don’t want something overwhelmingly sweet, this is perfect for you. 

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Salt Caramel

Nothing radiates ‘autumn is here’ more than these golden ingredients of caramel, bourbon vanilla and sandalwood. The caramel makes it a scent to indulge in while the sandalwood adds a woodsy counterpart to balance it out. It’s a cuddle in a bottle - perfect for those cosy autumn days.

Shop Salt Caramel.

Oud Alif

Enigmatic, elegant, opulent and made with fine Oud Agarwood from the rare aquilaria tree, Oud Alif is an autumn fragrance that you will want to wear regardless of season. Spiked with chocolat noir and tempered by soft saffron, this award-winning fragrance is a spicy and woody masterpiece which is full of the richness associated with the fall season. While it’s another unisex blend, men love the depth of the musky notes. 

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Find your new favourite autumn fragrance with Shay & Blue’s exciting range of unisex vegan perfume, all made with real flowers, fruit and spices. 

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