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Profiling: Dom De Vetta

Sat 5th March 2016

Profiling_Dom De Vetta

Curious about the man behind Shay & Blue?

Every perfume house has a conductor whose challenge it is to harmonise the cacophony of fragrance available. Often that harmony is shaped by experience, and for no one is that more true than our very own Dom De Vetta. Come with us to discover what brought him to create the kind of scents that make Shay & Blue so unique…

There’s a strong vein of tradition and the craft of perfumery that runs deep beneath every fragrance at Shay & Blue – and it comes right from the long-standing love of culture and classic fragrances that shaped Dom’s early life.

Growing up in a British-French family in London, his earliest memories were coloured with iconic heritage scents as well as the lively atmosphere of the city, shaping an early appreciation of fragrance before he moved on to build his career in Chanel and Jo Malone.

And it was a deep, underlying love for the fine line between history and modernity that would plant the seed for a new perfume house in his heart.

Interweaving his experience in creating bold and innovative new scents with the foundations of the classic perfumes from his childhood, Dom began to unpick the identity of another kind of fragrance – one that could evoke those memories of timelessness, with the freshness and surprise that could only come with the new. One that understood what made a classic perfume such an unforgettable masterpiece – and could bring that same appeal to a bold, contemporary sensibility.

And there’s more to Dom than a love of a good perfume. An appreciation of all the sensuous pleasures of life leaves its mark – a man with a personal aesthetic that is strongly guided by the visual, disregarding the austerity of minimalism for the richness and depth of decadence in all its forms, savouring the edge of creativity that comes through contrast and contradiction. Light and dark, innocence and eroticism, boldness and softness all play against each other in ever-inspiring and original new ways.

It’s intriguing to know what lies behind each exquisite scent – and makes us greedily curious about what might emerge in the future!