• Floral cocktails

    Hosted: Floral Cocktails

    It’s no great secret that we love a floral touch in just about everything – and next to fragrances, cocktails must be one of the finest ways to utilise the beauty and decadence of flowers.…

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  • Daily reflection

    Me Time: Daily Reflection for a Happier You – How 5 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life

    Flustered by the chaos and the relentless pace of daily life? When the merry-go-round seems to spin faster than ever, it seems all too easy to lose sight of your hopes, dreams and yourself. But…

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  • Valentines Day

    Hosted: The Perfect Valentine’s Night

    Forget fluffy hearts and saccharine sweetness. Valentine’s Night deserves to be one to remember. Read on for some fabulous tips, to help you steep the night in a serious dose of amorousness.   Indulge There’s…

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  • Revive refresh reflect

    Me Time: Revive, Refresh and Reflect

    Waking up to a new year can feel like a host of new pressures have just been added to your already overcrowded plate. New goals. New resolutions. And of course, the clichéd “New You”. But…

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  • Festive coktails

    The Mixologist: Festive Cocktails

    The holiday season approaches, as sparkling lights add cheer to chilly nights – and that faint grip of apprehension emerges, as you try to plan your perfect festive menu. Cocktails are, of course, the pièce…

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  • New Years Eve

    Culture Spotlight: The Perfect New Year’s Party

    With the last glow of 2015 warming the air, and the promise of another year glinting on the horizon, it’s time to turn our thoughts towards celebrating the start of another amazing year. But what…

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  • Dill & cucumber gin fizz

    The Mixologist: Cucumber & Dill Gin Fizz

    Inspired by Shay & Blue’s Almond Cucumber fragrance, this cocktail combines fresh cucumber with the subtle hint of dill and the zing of limes.

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  • Me time: classic reads

    Me Time: Classic Reads

    If you’ve ever visited our boutique, you will know that the magic of storytelling is woven into every detail, including of course the books we keep close at hand. The more virtual our lives become,…

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