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Belle Boudoir: The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell

Tue 29th September 2015

The Zetter Townhouse

What do we look for, when we’re after a truly exceptional place to stay in our great city?

An excellent cocktail bar is key, of course. A hint of real luxury and glamour – without any of the tackiness or artifice.

But that final must-have ingredient is a little more elusive. Character. Ambience with intimacy, elegance and a generous serving of eccentricity, just like London itself.

With that in mind, the Zetter Townhouse is a real delight to discover.

Being situated in the unique neighbourhood of Clerkenwell offers some special advantages. A region of London where history is soaked right down to the bones of the city. Where medieval city gates mark the old boundaries, and historic markets show off their wares, there’s a surfeit of real character under every cobblestone.

And the Zetter Townhouse stands nonchalantly, effortlessly, in the midst of it all – radiating a beguiling air from behind its elegant eggshell blue doorway.

Very quirky and resolutely British, this isn’t a soulless hotel, drained of personality and furnished in the usual identikit manner.

Instead, you can expect gloriously old school furnished suites and apartments, where mammoth four posters and heavily draped curtains promise nights of indulgent comfort, and the Union Jack, contemporary art, historic memorabilia and colourfully kitsch accessories all nudge elbows against each other, like some fantastically bizarre but certain to be memorable dream world.

The real gem though, is the Townhouse’s own Cocktail Lounge. Reputedly held in the private residence of old Aunt Wilhelmina, you’ll get to bask in the most intriguing, sumptuous and surprising of places.

Don’t be surprised to share your delicious cocktails with a taxidermied kangaroo, and look out for the jaunty white parrot, perched amongst the curios and fineries that occupy the bar.

But the kookiness of the interior – a fantastic conversation starter in itself – is matched perfectly by the wonderfully crafted cocktail list, curated by famed mixologist Tony Conigliaro, and includes 12 tempting drinks, each put together with the confidence and skill you’d expect.

An exceptional cut above the norm – the Zetter Townhouse is ideal when you’re looking for a place that captures the beauty and idiosyncrasy of the city in a perfect measure.